Saskatoon ‘making a splash’ in Food and Wine magazine

Nathan Gugenheimer of Ayden prepares a seafood dish for a photo, Thursday, August 14, 2014. Greg Pender, Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Greg Pender / The StarPhoenix

Saskatoon’s fine dining culture has been featured in Food and Wine magazine, showcasing the city to as many as two million readers.

“Obviously that’s a very credible publication with very wide reach,” said Tourism Saskatoon media director Aviva Kohen, who organized a July visit for multiple journalists. “So right now Saskatoon is really making a splash when it comes to our craft drink and culinary scene.”

In Canada’s Hottest New Food City Is Where You’d Least Expect It, Veronica Meewes writes: “Saskatoon diners can now enjoy elevated cuisine without the lofty price tags and pretension — and the city’s affordability and room for creativity (not to mention actual physical space) continues to attract more like-minded entrepreneurs each year.”

Meewes traces Saskatoon’s food history and its culinary ascent after chef Dale MacKay came home to set up shop.

“I’ve never in my life seen a more rapidly developing food culture than in Saskatoon,” one of McKay’s accomplices, Jesse Zuber, told Meewes. “When we first got here, the food culture was lacking and still under the influence of chain restaurants, but there was a big population looking for a little bit more. Young professionals and young families are looking to put down roots and go through the same experience they had in bigger cities.”

The article also mentions The Night Oven bakery, Venn Coffee Roasters, The Hollows and Primal.

Gaining media attention is part of a broader effort to have the city recognized, Kohen said, noting Statistics Canada data shows one-fifth of visitor spending is on food and beverages, while Skift, a travel intelligence organization, says food is the leading hook in the travel industry.

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