Schertz city council member under fire for social media post

by Amanda Weber, News 4 San Antonio

Councilmember questioned on social media post

A Schertz city councilman’s job could be in the hands of his colleagues next week. Councilman Robin Thompson is under fire for a controversial posting on social media.

The post was discussed last week at a Schertz City Council meeting. Schertz Mayor Michael Carpenter gave Thompson the chance to explain his actions.

“Tonight marks the fourth time in my life that I have been called racist,” Thompson said.

Thompson explained those instances to the council and residents in attendance, and in doing so, described working in Georgia at a local church he says was in an African-American neighborhood.

“I was called in by the leaders of the church, and forgive the language I am going to use, but it was exactly what was said to me, we are firing you because you are encouraging *** to use our bathrooms and drink our water,” Thompson said.

That racial slur used, now adding to the controversy.

“The post that I shared was not meant in any form or manner to be racist, it was inappropriate,” Thompson said.

Thompson apologized and says he deleted the original post. Only a select few of his colleagues are expressing their opinions on the issue.

“Councilman Thompson realizes his comments were interpreted as insensitive and has taken full responsibility for his actions,” said Schertz City Councilman Ralph Gutierrez. “Councilman Thompson has apologized for his actions,”

“The post was made by Councilman Thompson, that is the bottom line, he put it up there, that is where the blame lies, I am not going to place the blame on someone who responded and said its inappropriate,” said Schertz City Councilman Angelina Kiser.

The City of Schertz did not comment on camera. Carpenter addressed the racial word used and apologized to all he offended in a statement,. The city council will meet in closed session Tuesday night to discuss possible discipline for Thompson.

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