SDG&E will reward those who reduce energy use Thursday

SAN DIEGO – With Southern California’s heat wave expected to continue into a fourth day, San Diego Gas & Electric officials plan to activate an incentive program Thursday for customers to reduce power consumption.

In the Reduce Your Use Rewards program, enrolled customers are asked to cut back on energy between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Doing so will make them eligible to earn a bill credit of 75 cents per kilowatt hour saved, or $1.25 credit per kilowatt hour saved with enabling technology, like a smart thermostat.

SDG&E officials say they have secured sufficient electricity and don’t anticipate any problem meeting demand. However, that could change should anything happen that’s unexpected, or out of the utility’s control.

Customers can reduce power consumption by using fans or ceiling fans instead of running air conditioning systems or setting the AC at 78 degrees, running the AC in the morning to pre-cool a residence, closing drapes and blinds, running major appliances and pool pumps outside of those peak usage hours, and either unplugging televisions, cable boxes and gaming devices or hooking them up to a smart power strip.

Information about the rewards program, including signing up, online.

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