Senate resumes debate on pension bill | News

The Senate this morning resumed the debate on the Government’s pension bill.

Under the proposed scheme, public sector workers will be required to contribute to their pensions among other things.

Currently, pension payments for civil servant are paid from the Consolidated Fund.

As a part of the reform, pension contributions from public sector workers will be channelled into a special fund to be set up by the government.

The government has indicated that the fund would be established once the country attains a 60 per cent debt to GDP ratio.

This morning, Leader of Opposition Business, Mark Golding, disagreed with the move arguing that a specific deadline must be set.


Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Mark Golding

Responding, Leader of Government Business Kamina Johnson Smith said that the decision is in keeping with the policy position of the government.


Leader of Government Business in the Senate Kamina Johnson Smith

Debate on the bill is underway.

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