September 2017 held the most tropical energy of any month on record in the Atlantic

According to Philip Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State University, this September contained the most tropical cyclone energy on record in the Atlantic. We refer to this as ‘Accumulated Cyclone Energy,’ and it’s something that may have an impact on our winter.

We started with Harvey at the end of August, which left parts of the Gulf Coast still recovering in September. Harvey dropped a historic 51.88″ of rain on Highlands, TX. That’s 16″ more than we’ve seen all year.

Still, our area stepped in to help this month, between school and church efforts and the more than $418k raised in our partnership with Food City.

Then, Irma followed by delivering a crushing blow to parts of the Caribbean and leaving serious damage in parts of Florida. The highest wind gust was recorded at the Naples Municipal Airport on the 10th, registered at 142 mph.

Lastly, there was Maria which has essentially left Puerto Rico paralyzed and in desperate need of help.

Millions remain without regular electricity, and many others are left scrambling for gas, money and/or running water. Sixteen people are confirmed dead, with some fearing that that toll could rise.

At home, we’re left with the deafening sound of silence…no rain in the last 16 days for most of the area. As we head into fire season, this recent dry spell is a concern.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much rain in the seven day forecast either.

Our StormTrack 5 weather team is monitoring the possibility for a drought in the coming weeks, as there doesn’t seem to be any major shift in this unseasonably warm and dry pattern.

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