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Small and midsize businesses (SMBs)  in the US, UK and France are finding it difficult to procure the right candidates and address the skill gap. A new survey commissioned by SAP finds that 50% of SMBs in the US and France and 75% in the UK are unable to easily identify and procure qualified candidates.

They survey was conducted by WideOpen, a customer strategy consulting company, on behalf of SAP. It interviewed about 500 employees from the retail, hospitality and healthcare industries.

More than 90% of human resources (HR) and related functional roles (97% in the US and 96% in the UK and France) believe that identifying qualified candidates is the greatest challenge in the recruitment process. Companies of this size need a solution designed to meet their unique hiring requirements, with 86% of respondents in the US, 75% in France and 82% in the United Kingdom indicating that some form of applicant management software would enhance their ability to efficiently fill their talent pipeline and optimize their recruiting process.

 Other challenges noted in the survey indicated that:

  • Coordinating job postings is one of the largest obstacles in the recruitment process, with 82% of respondents in the US, 73% in France and 81% in the UK feeling overwhelmed by having to manage job posts on multiple boards.
  • Managing candidate pools is a concern, according to 91% of U.S. companies, 83% of UK firms and 65% of French companies. Eighty-four percent of U.S. firms, 69% of French companies and 83% of UK companies said they were unsure about how to properly categorize candidates from various application channels.
  • Peer collaboration during the hiring process is lacking, with 86% of those surveyed in the US, 81% in the UK and 83% in France reporting that they wish they were more able to consult with their colleagues during candidate assessment.

Meghan M. Biro, CEO and founder of Talent Culture and author of a new e-book titled “The Must-Have Tools SMBs Need to Recruit Talent Today,” summarized the survey findings: “To maintain their growth, small businesses need to reassess their talent-acquisition process. This survey shows that hiring decision-makers are ready to embrace digital tools in an effort to quickly and efficiently secure the talent necessary for continued success.”

WorkConnect by SAP, a cloud-based recruitment solution, was developed to specifically address these challenges. It enables small businesses to reach multiple job boards with a single click. Users can track and manage candidates via one centralized dashboard. The dashboard also allows users to ask for and receive feedback on candidates from colleagues and quickly consolidate those inputs to make faster hiring decisions.

“Attracting, managing and securing top talent has become a difficult task for small businesses; however, it is one of the most critical pieces of the business and one that is vital to long-term business success,” said Simon Bouchez, CEO of France-based Multiposting, now part of SAP. “By offering tools like WorkConnect by SAP that automate, streamline and enhance the hiring process, we are empowering HR and recruiting professionals — or in many cases business owners — to do more for their businesses.”

WorkConnect is an easy-to-use application with no training required, simple onboarding and an even easier purchase process. It can be purchased seamlessly online at SAP Store with just a few clicks and a credit card — for as low as US$27 per month. Once purchased, the tool enables users to start better managing their hiring processes right away. Available initially in the US, UK, Canada and France, SAP plans to expand it into other markets soon.

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