Social media rages with xenophobia

Following Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s proposal for T&T to open its doors to citizens of Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, there was a lot of racist, political and xenophobic remarks on social media from citizens who disagreed with the idea.

Some of the comments included:

•Well we already have an influx of Chinese, Guyanese, Nigerians and deportees coming in. Just saying.

•We all know Rowley bringing them here to vote PNM but Trinidad importing food many people don’t have jobs or homes. What you think will happen????? Is more crime.

•Sadly we have become quite a selfish, self-centred society. We will not lend a hand to our physical neighbour much less our Caribbean neighbour. I pray God change our hearts of stone.

•Sweep your doorstep before you sweep somebody’s else. Trinidad is so over crowded already. Where are you putting all the people coming? There goes the mountains.

•Maybe it’s time for us to start back discussions about a united Caribbean.

•Trinidad can’t get housing but he want to bring outsides and give them accommodations. Take care of your people first.

•South America already crossing the border illegally, now bring Commonwealth legally for 6mths…Come on!! And open yuh pots too! Is this a leader or follower?? What a Joke!!

•Rowley can’t take care of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago but he opening doors to other people. He is stupid.

•Could we go and set up business in China, India, Dominica, Guyana, Venezuela…No…so what are we encouraging here for…no wonder so much people seeing trouble…

•I hope the other countries would say the same things about Trinis going to their countries. Trinis are the most racial and meanest people in the world.

•A lot of you guys forgot that your families were “islanders” before. Some of you also are bigots and racist this is your small minded thinking? Sad

•Is more crime in the country when they come here. Employment down. What they will do to survive? The easiest way is to kidnap people steal people cars, rob people, thief and kill people… It is a form of employment here in sweet T&T. Lord put ah hand•The people in TNT getting more frighten now…within this 6 months the whole of Dominica will reach in TnT…

•This is not Europe and America. This is Little Trinidad. Fix your people as a country before you extend your kind courtesy.

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