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Math classes were always boring for most of us, those calculations, equations, and expressions were a nightmare. Looking for a simplified way to solve your math homework? You can refer to Mathway, an application which can help you learn and improve your quantitative skills. With this app, you can refer to statistics, chemistry, graphs and much more. Mathway app is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices while for PCs you can prefer their website. The Mathway calculator is a utility application which can be handy for simple calculations on daily basis.

This application also has a robotic-bot which can interact with you to help in using the Mathway calculator. This application is similar to a scientific calculator but, with much more functionalities on it. It also has a virtual keyboard to enter the mathematical values and symbols which are usually not available on regular keyboards. This is a helpful application for students, teachers and for others in research and development field.

For the ease of usage Mathway also has a tutorial option. This can guide you to use the application in a much efficient manner. If you are looking for examples related to your topics then that too is available on Mathway calculator. There is a subscription option on Mathway which would show the step-by-step procedure for the problems. There may be other apps similar to Mathway calculator but this is one of the most popular, featured and best one around. You can find the complete details related to the Mathway app in this article.

Mathway Calculator Advantages

  • Mathematical calculations can be easily solved from any place & time.
  • This includes 11 subjects which are the most when compared to rest of the similar apps.
  • It is a lot more than a regular calculator and can help you solve lot more problems than the scientific calculator.
  • This can be easily accessed as the service is available on mobile phone, laptop, PC which generally lye around us most of the times.
  • This not only gives the end result but also help you understand the step-by-step procedure behind the answer.
  • Simple and easily accessible interface which also has the tutorial option.
  • Mathematical expressions can be scanned from the mobile and solved directly.
  • Less storage space on your smartphone with great utility option. The Android App has a storage space of 38MB while it is about 100MB on iTunes.

Is Mathway for Free?

Mathway provides you free access to calculate and solve problems while a paid subscription allows you to unlock a lot more functionalities. There are Ads on this app which is responsible for the income of Mathway, while the premium account is Ads free. If you use this application for extra references or once in a while then you can continue with the free subscription. Mathway can be used to understand the step-by-step procedure to solve a problem. The subscription costs you about $19.99 for a monthly subscription and the yearly subscription costs $79.99.

What will I get with the paid subscription?

After paying for extra services there are perks included with it. These features depend on your usage and requirements. If you have a regular usage referring to every step of the problem then you can opt the Premium Mathway subscription. This can be used to improve the mathematical skills too.

  • Step-by-step checking is very important in a mathematical problem which is available with the Mathway calculator. You can figure out any mistakes instead of repeating the whole procedure.
  • The step by step calculation can be referred for learning similar math questions.
  • You won’t find any ads with a paid subscription.
  • A virtual tutor would help you solve the problems.
  • The problems solved, can be stored as a history for further reference.

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How to upgrade Mathway?

If you haven’t signed up with the Mathway then you need to proceed with this first. Select the login option on the top right of the Mathway screen. Select the Sign-Up and enter the credentials such as Email and Password. You signup with you Google, Facebook account too.

Once you signup, login to the Mathway app/website. Now select the drop down menu next to the login menu. You can see an option called Upgrade. Select the upgrade menu and you can see the yearly subscription page with the benefits included with it. Select the option, Go Premium and proceed with the payment. Now you have the access to use the premium subscription of Mathway. Now you can refer to the Premium Mathway subscription for your homework, learning math topics in prior, simple calculations etc.

How to use the Mathway application?

Mathway has a simple user interface and an interacting-bot with which you can have a conversation to solve the problem. You can solve problems as simple as adding two number till complex trigonometric equations on Mathway. There are 11 subjects on the Mathway application. They are Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite-Math, Linear Algebra, Chemistry, and Graphing.

These subjects can be used depending on the type of mathematic/ scientific calculation you are in need of. To use the Mathway calculator open the app or from the URL- on your web browser or the app on your device. Once you open the Mathway you can refer to the tutorial or directly get a solution for the mathematical problems.

Tutorial on Mathway

Home Screen Mathway

If you find it hard to use the Mathway application then you can refer to the tutorial which would teach you to use the application. This tutorial helps you to select the subject which you are looking for, How to enter a problem? and get an answer after entering the question.

Functionalities on Mathway

You can use the chat bar to Enter a problem and get a solution from the Mathway robot. For an instance- If you enter Tan 2x and select the option Find the Derivative then Mathway would give the method used and the answer of d/dx of Tan 2x which is 2 Sec^2 (2x).

Solve basic mathematics mathway

Basic Math

Basic mathematics is required on a day to day basis, for calculating the groceries bill, collecting change etc. You can refer to the default calculator on your mobile phone. But on Mathway calculator there are more options than a regular calculator. In this Basic Math calculator, you can directly select a geometric shape to get an option such as volume, area, perimeter etc. Once you select a specific value then you can enter the individual measurements to get the result. There are a lot of basic shapes listed on Mathway for which the calculations can be found out depending on the measurements given by us. These shapes include square, circle, triangle, trapezium, polygon, cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, and pyramid.

When you select a rectangle and hit enter, it would ask you to select one of the options among the list which contains options such as Find the perimeter, Find the surface area. Meanwhile, it also displays a graphical representation of that figure with basic namings such as length and breadth for reference. This can guide you to enter the specific values in the textbox in order to get an answer.


Trigonometry is one such subject which has a lot of calculation related to the sides of a triangle and the angles between them. There are various terms in trigonometry such as Sin, Cos, Tan etc. These options are not provided on a regular calculator. A scientific calculator is required to perform these calculations. Mathway Trigonometry calculator provides 24 keys related to the trigonometric terms on its virtual keyboard.

Extended Trigometric options on Mathway


You can access this panel by clicking on the Sin Cos button on the Mathway Trigonometry’s virtual keyboard. Now you solve equations too with trigonometric terms in it.

How to solve huge mathematical equations?

Mathway allows you to enter all the equations manually from its virtual keyboard which has every single symbol, sign, variable and number related to math. Apart from this Mathway also has a unique feature where you can enter the equations by capturing an image of them and letting the app to scan the content. By this way, you can enter the equation quickly and get a solution.

Camera option on MathwayImage Capture Mathway

On the Mathway app, there is a camera option which can be used to scan the mathematical equations. Once you capture an image the app would try to pick the equations from the image and provide a solution for it. This is quite efficient and saves a lot of time, but there are drawbacks of this too. This fails to pick some of the symbols such as Pi sometimes. It is hard to get a solution for the image captured from a web page as the font and spacing varies.

Account Details on Mathway

You need to signup with Mathway in order to see the setting related to your account on Mathway. After having an account you need to login to the Mathway account and press the account option from the home screen of Mathway. With these options, you can change/update the account details of your Mathway account. You can also look into the things you have searched for. If you have a Premium account then you can refer to the detailed step-by-step method of the problems solved on Mathway.


While we solve a mathematical problem, getting the answer would be the primary thing which we may look into. But in order to understand it properly, you need to refer to the step-by-step procedure which can teach you how to solve similar problems. This option on Mathway stores the step-by-step procedure of the problems you have solved. But in order to use this feature, you need to have a premium subscription of Mathway.


If you have logged into Mathway through either Google or Facebook then your password would not be saved. By entering the password you can use the log in option while using it from the other device. In case you need to update the email address which you had provided initially then even that can be done from here.


If you wish to change the password after logging into the Mathway account from the college library, cyber cafe then you can change your previous password from this window. Enter the Current Password in order to enter a New Password. By changing the password your account would be secured and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.


The chat you have done with the Mathway robot would be present on your home screen, if you wish to clear it then it can be done from the chat window. The chat session stores the texts from login to logout of a user. If you need to clear the chat history anytime you can select the Chat option from the Account settings and clear it.

Sign Out

As the name suggests you can use this option to log out from your account. This is important if you are using Mathway Calculator from a cyber stall, friend’s device or from your school library. As the username and password can be tapped and your Premium Mathway account can be accessed. You can also use the sign out option while logging with any of your friend’s account if you don’t have a premium subscription.

Mathway Alternatives

Mathway is not the only application which can assist you in solving mathematic and scientific calculations. There are a lot of such application available for both mobile phones as well as laptops. Here are some of the Mathway alternatives

  1. PCalc Lite– This is an app for iOS with scientific calculator support. The basic package of PCalac Lite includes trigonometric, logarithmic and statistic functions. While the premium version costs $9.99 and includes additional features.
  2. Digits/CalcTape- This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This is a tape style calculator which records the operations and results performed by you. On this app, there are text labels for the calculations you make.
  3. Tydlig- This is a smart form of a calculator with tape form as well as free-form canvas. Tydlig is unique calculator when compared to the rest. There is a spreadsheet-type function which shows the calculations and retroactive corrections.

Worth It?

Mathway is one of the best app/websites when compared to other math solving apps. There are a ton of options and functionality which you can try on Mathway. You can use this application to recheck the answers or even to learn new concepts. This could be helpful for mathematical, research and scientific purposes but, has its own drawbacks.

  • You can’t compare the Mathway application to a math tutor.
  • There may be mathematical errors even if the equations are correct.
  • All the features and functionality on the Mathway are not available easily. You need to dig into every single option before finding an option.
  • You would require a smartphone or a computer with a stable internet connection to access the Mathway calculator.
  • The perks of Mathway comes at a price.

With all these pros and cons, Mathway is still beneficial and is recommended by us. It can be helpful to solve simple calculation as well as complex equation at your fingertips. This utility app can be helpful in your daily, professional life. Get the app from the app store or use the website and share this amazing app with your friends and family.

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