Someone Made A Despacito Cover With Calculator Beeps And You Won’t Believe How GROOVY It Is

Despacito is one song that has to be very ironic to its name. Unlike its meaning,(which means slowly BTW), the catchy tune of the song escalated very quickly on Gen-Y’s playlist. Even today, (6 months after its release) just try singing ‘Despa’ and people will probably complete the rest of ‘cito.’ The song was such a hit, that it had 9 versions of it in such a short span of time. (one of which was also by Beiber, FYI)

A new version of Despacito has been making rounds on the Internet and it is nothing like what you’ve heard before! Because this one has been composed simply using two basic calculators. A Japan resident with a channel named ‘It’s a small world’, has been breaking the Internet with his creative version of Despacito, played simply by using two calculators. The version is very playful and will surely strike a chord with you.

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