Something’s Not Right In Charlottesville, Virginia, USA –

The Good Men Project, (GMP), invited me to write what I thought was going on in Charlottesville, Virginia in response to the Unite The Right Rally. I wasnt asked personally by Lisa Hickey, The Good Men Project publisher. She did what she usually does, she invited all previous writers for the to comment. 


My impression of my fellow writers is the majority lean to the Progressive Left, which is the way that I used to lean. Previously I would have been encouraged by reports that demonstrations are now being planned in a small city and a village near where I live, in response to what went down in Charlottesville. I would have been planning to hit the streets myself. No more.


The Good Men Project in my experience has been what it claims to be. It is about men and women, women and men sharing what it feels like to be a man while suspending judgment as to what is the correct way to feel. That is not judging, without some deep contemplation, as to how a good man should feel about his masculinity.


My experience with GMP has lead me to greater contemplation as to why I have developed the political leanings that I have. I have concluded that my previous inclinations are primarily the product of being fooled by mostly powerful men and a few women, into believing in a two-dimensional political landscape. In this landscape, I was conned into believing that I could define my views based on where I stood on a continuum of Left to Right and Right to Left.


The motive of these con-artists is to draw my attention to Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, Socialists and Capitalist, while they did their thing, which had nothing directly to do with these dichotomies. 


The landscape I now see has two other poles. One points upward, the other in the opposite direction. On the downside is a descent into Hell. 


The descent into Hell begins with players that are motivated by greed. Fermenting and being in control of conflict between Liberals and Conservatives, allows, for example, wealthy hedge fund-profiteers to know what investments will be affected by social discord before they are affected. There has always been great profit in that. 


Further down are those that lust for power not to get wealthier, but for the intoxication of power itself. These folks have all of the resources they will ever need and arent interested in a wider array of pleasures to sample. What they crave is power for the sake of having power. This includes the power to create great fear and great chaos. 


In the bottom of this bottomless spiral lurks a force which seeks ultimately to not just be feared, but to be worshiped. In modern times we have all but forgotten about this force, but it is the root source of all that is wrong with the World.

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