Spartan College, Envoy Air partner for pilot recruitment

by: Rick Maranon

TULSA, Okla. – Quick Facts:

  • Spartan College and Envoy Air signed an agreement
  • They created a pilot recruitment program with hopes to offset a national pilot shortage
  • The program does not guarantee employment, but it gives students a direct line to a major carrier


Some Tulsa flight students now have a direct employment path with a major regional airline once they finish training and FAA requirements.

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Envoy Air, a regional airline owned by American Airlines, announced they are setting up a cadet program for students wanting to be commercial pilots.

The program enhances an agreement the airline had in place with the college since 2014, and students will not only be able to get seniority sooner in the airline’s systems, but they will also qualify for tuition reimbursements and certain bonuses and pay upon completing graduation.

Envoy said regional carriers across the country are seeing a pilot shortage, and this is one of the ways they plan to keep up with demand for more pilots.

The program does not guarantee students a job, because pilots are tested on numerous qualifications before being hired, but it does give them a direct line to a major carrier looking to hire them.

The cadet program is in place at many other flight schools, but this is the first of its kind in the Tulsa area.


Envoy has agreements with other schools seeking to hire their pilots, but Spartan is now the only school with a direct cadet recruiting program with Envoy.

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