Sports media, NFL apart of Ryan Glasspiegel’s discussion on Sports Feed

CHICAGO – It’s a medium that changes almost by the minute in this new age of media.

One day something seems like a good idea and is exploited, then it’s something else not long after. It’s been the case the last few years when it comes to sports media and has especially been the case in 2017.

Ryan Glasspiegel has followed those developments closely and even ranked the best of this new generation of media in his “40-Under-40” article for The Big Lead this past week.

Naturally that was part of his discussion on Sunday’s Sports Feed with Josh Frydman and Andy Masur on CLTV. He also spoke to the hosts about the upcoming NFL season and the Bears chances in 2017 – or lack there of.

To watch Ryan’s segments on Sunday’s show, click on the video above or below.

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