Stargroup Ltd showcases foreign currency casino table deposit solution

() has launched new products and the recent Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE), bringing unique solutions to foreign currency exchange technologies.

Stargroup will distribute foreign currency exchange technologies that are manufactured by NeoICP Korea Inc. Stargroup owns 11.28% of NeoICP Korea Inc.

As an example, Stargroup’s casino table deposit solution fully automates the acceptance of up to five different currencies at the actual gaming table as part of accelerating the provision of gambling chips to casino customers.

It also provides live data to the casino operators to monitor the settlement and performance of each table.

These proven technologies have been deployed by NeoICP Korea in Asia and will now be distributed in Australia.

International applications add further to the distribution opportunities for Stargroup.

Todd Zani, executive chairman for Stargroup, commented:

“We are pleased to finally launch and display at AGE in Australia some of the advanced technologies that have previously been successfully deployed by NeoICP into casinos in Korea, Macau and a number of other Asian countries.

“We are working closely with NeoICP to tailor these solutions for the Australian market and are excited to announce that we are already fielding significant interest both in Australia and on behalf of other international customers and distributors.

“The amount of interest that has been expressed prior to the official launch at AGE has been outstanding.”

Additional products

Stargroup also showcased at AGE a number of other advanced technologies including a foreign currency conversion terminal for use in airport terminals and popular tourist destinations which can automatically accept up to four different currencies and convert them into a local currency.

Added to this was a ticket in and ticket out (TITO) terminal which can accept bulk cash and tickets, which is fully customisable as part of enabling fast cash redemptions for casino operators and its customers.

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