Steven Adams delights again during hilarious Oklahoma City Thunder media day


OKC Thunder star Steven Adams jokes about the trade to the New York Knicks of his ‘stache brother, Enes Kanter.

Butterfly farms, inverted spectacles, the state of a man’s handshake – these are the topics touched upon during Steven Adams’ media day with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The giant Kiwi centre was in the kind of form we’ve come to expect when talking to the media during his first appearance in Thunder kit for the season.

It all started with a mention of the mega-trade which brought Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder, but saw Adams’ ‘Stache brother’ Enes Kanter depart for the New York Knicks.


Steven Adams was in fine form at the Thunder media day.

“I mean, he didn’t die, mate,” Adams replied to a reporter when asked, essentially, how he would deal with the loss.

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“Everyone’s been coming at me like he passed away. Then I’d be sad, but he just moved down the road, mate… I’ll see him in a couple of days.”

With that question out of the way, and Adams’ mental state clearly doing OK despite his best pal’s departure, it was time for some observations from a player now seen as a leader in the Thunder organisation.

“Do you have your glasses on backwards, bro,” Adams chuckled as the second question was asked.

“That’s awesome. Outstanding, sir.”

Adams did get semi serious following that, but only briefly. Asked about new additions to the roster, namely Anthony and Paul George, Adams said it’s important that the players are good locker room guys first, and players second.

But when asked if he can tell if they’re a good locker room player, Adams had an interesting test.

“My judgement is on the handshake, mate. Back to the old school, mate, you’ve just gotta give a good handshake, eye contact, and they all did that. It was good.”

Easy as that, then.

He was then asked about a recent visit to the zoo, and whether he’d be returning any time soon.

“Oh, yeah. I was asking about the internships and all that. It was sick.

“It was outstanding. Just an unbelievable place, but I find it weird that Oklahoma has a zoo for butterflies. Is that weird for you guys, or?

“That’s normal, butterflies at a zoo? Just go to your garden, mate.”

On the actual basketball front, Adams said it will be much of the same for him this year with his role staying much the same.

He said with four outside shooters likely to be on court, not including himself, more space will present itself on the inside.

But he said the team wanted to make sure they take “great shots”, rather than good shots by spreading the ball around.

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