Stop calling us Nazis, you Nazis!

Today in conservative media: Stop calling us Nazis, you Nazis!

Thousands of protesters prepare to march in Boston against a planned ‘Free Speech Rally’ just one week after the violent ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia left one woman dead and dozens more injured on August 19, 2017.

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Multiple outlets continued to delve into the aftermath of Charlottesville, particularly alleged criticisms from the left of Antifa’s critics. “In their ongoing attempt to paint everyone on the Right in the darkest hues, some mainstream Leftists have decided that anyone who slams Antifa must be a Nazi sympathizer,” the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro wrote. “Antifa is evil. So is Nazism. Two things can be evil at the same time.” On Fox & Friends, Mark Steyn said that the goal of leftist activists is to brand all Republicans as Nazis. “My worry about this is actually that the left is making an organized attempt to say that if you do not vote Democrat, that you’re a Nazi,” he said. “It’s an explicit thing to actually tie policy differences to on rather boring things like taxes and immigration to the most crude form of demagoguery.”

At the Federalist, Robert Tracinski agreed about the left’s overuse of Nazi accusations. “People who complain about calling everybody Nazis are Nazis,” he wrote. “There are a lot of people who are taking an issue that somewhere around 99 percent of Americans ought to be able to agree on—‘Nazis are bad’—and trying to make it into a repellently partisan issue.” Also at the Federalist, Margot Cleveland compared the left to Nazis:

As [the Federalist’s Daniel] Payne also highlights, while the racist eugenics founding of Planned Parenthood may now remain a silent legacy, it is an unending one, with the abortion provider killing on average about 120,000 black babies per year. “If you were a white supremacist who wanted to sharply reduce the black population to make way for more whites, what would you be doing differently than Planned Parenthood?” Payne queries. So true, and also sadly ironic when juxtaposed against Planned Parenthood’s Charlottesville tweet “against racism and violence in all its forms.”

So by all means, call the alt-right Nazis. But don’t forget Nazis come in all shapes and sizes—and some even wear stethoscopes and pink p-ssy hats.

“Alt-left thugs took a sledgehammer to a 225 year-old Christopher Columbus monument in the middle of Sunday night and posted it to YouTube,” the Gateway Pundit’s Christina Laila wrote. “The thugs held up two signs that read: ‘Racism: Tear it down’ and ‘The future is racial and economic justice.’” Hot Air’s John Sexton argued that critics of Columbus monuments should make their case through democratic processes:

Christopher Columbus has become an increasingly polarizing figure over the last two decades. Those who think his history deserves more criticism and less celebration have the right to make that case. In the past few years, a growing number of cities have renamed Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day so it’s not as if there has been no movement on this issue.

Just yesterday a handful of people in Columbus, Ohio gathered to demand the removal of a Columbus statue at city hall. That’s how this ought to work. You get like-minded people together and make your case to your elected representatives. Smashing things with a sledgehammer in the middle of the night is not what democracy looks like.

Osita Nwanevu is a Slate editorial assistant.



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