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Grab the most stylish reads from local shops to inspire self love and decor projects. It’s the perfect thing to do on a hot afternoon, plus these finds will add visual spice to your bookshelves and coffee tables.

Styled by Ali Viknyanskiy | Photos by Brandon Alms

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

1. Looking for stuff to do indoors? We love these books (Living Life Beautifully, $40 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; All Natural Beauty, $19.99 at The Market) that offer simple tips on living a more stylish life and on enjoying the little things in your days.

2. PeeperSpecs simple frame reading glasses, $24 at The Market; Because You’re the Absolute Best, $11.95 at The Market; The French Cat, $14.95 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; The Heart of a Leader, $15.95 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; All in Good Taste, $27.50 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; Living Life Beautifully, $40 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; Contes pocket notebook, $10 at The Market; All Natural Beauty, $19.99 at The Market; 99 Things to Do When You Have the Time, $15.95 at The Market; The Curious Bartender, $24.95 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; Martha’s Entertaining, $75 at Provence Antiques & Gifts; Room Recipes for Style and Color, $39.95 at Baglady Boutique; Design Bloggers at Home, $29.95 at Provence Antiques & Gifts 

3. Visual Comfort metal desk lamp, $275 at James Décor

4. Septarian bookends, $39 at The Market

5. A.J. Morgan round reading specs in purple, $32 at The Market


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