Sudan: VP Lauds Cooperation Between Savings Bank, Working Women Association

Khartoum — The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has lauded the Working Women Association for its fulfillment to all its obligations to develop its members, and payment of the bank financing provided by Saving and Social Development Bank.

During his address, yesterday, the opening sitting of the 4 th conference of the Working Women Association at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum he called for the work for the promotion of the women sector via providing enough funding for all its projects in support for the association efforts in production.

The association’s secretary general, A’amna Omer Abdulla has appreciated the partnership with the bank, pointing to the wide cooperation with the Saving and Social Development Bank, through productive projects in all fields in all the country’s cities and villages by the soft and non-traditional bank guarantees.

The bank’s Director General, al-Zein Omer al- Hadou, noted that the bank has allocated 40% of the bank’s financing portfolio for the women in all sectors and categories, pointing out that the banks provides financing through 60 branches and agents using modern technologies through advanced network.

He noted to the pioneer role in the social banking, the recent reward given by the Presidency of the Republic in the social responsibility, and the reward of the Islamic Banks of the 2017 in the field of social responsibility in Bahrain from the regional network of the social responsibility, the member of the UN for international agreement.

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