Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board: Cop to professor: Ex-DGP now teaches physics | Chennai News

CHENNAI: After 35 years of service in law enforcement, Anoop Jaiswal decided it was time he turned his attention to another set of laws – those of motion, gravity, and thermodynamics.

The 62-year-old, retired DGP of Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board (TNUSRB) now teaches ‘Basic Physics’ and ‘Quantum Physics’ to Class VIII and IX students across the country – for free. “Physics is sometimes thought of as a boring subject, but it depends on how you teach it. I want to kindle interest in the subject because I feel that physics is the basis of life around us,” explains Jaiswal, who has turned a room on the top floor of his house in Manapakkam into a mini-physics laboratory, where he creates his own teaching models using wires, springs, empty insulin cartridges, porcelain cups, threads, straws, and needles. One of his favourite creations – and always a hit among students – is the rocket experiment, which sends a balloon whizzing through the air demonstrating principles of pressure and thrust.

Jaiswal, who also taught at Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School in Besant Nagar after his retirement in 2015, says he prefers to teach students with practical experiments and examples. “It makes physics fun,” says Jaiswal, who prepares gadgets with easily available material to show “science is everywhere”.

“I demonstrate principles with experiments so students can understand theory better. Sometimes I leave them to find answers on their own. I teach them the subject the way I would love to learn it,” he says.

“I want students to always seek answers because that will lead them to greater heights, to perhaps become scientists when they grow up,” says Jaiswal, whose son Manu, incidentally, did just that – he works at the Nano-technology department in IIT-Madras.

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