TCU, OK State still seeming to lead Moro Ojomo’s recruitment

KATY, Tex. — Moro Ojomo became a memorable name over this past summer – not just because it’s fun to say, but because it belongs to a three-star defensive lineman at Katy that a number of top FBS programs are very interested in.

At this point, Ojomo would have liked to have made a decision on the final teams he’s considering in his recruitment, but like with so many other things in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, those plans were put on the back burner following the storm. He does admit one thing, however, that TCU and Oklahoma State are two teams that hold a place near the front of the line when he does drop that list.

“My head isn’t directed anywhere specific right now,” he said. “I was going to release my top teams after the first three games, but because of the hurricane, I’ve had to delay it a little bit. Now I’m thinking more mid-season, but TCU is looking nice, Oklahoma State is a really talented team, so wherever I can go and fit best with is where I want to go.”

Moro Ojomo

Strongside defensive end



RR: 5.5

Ht: 6’3.0″

Wt: 256.0

Class: 2018




Commitment status:


Ojomo said that the Cowboys and Horned Frogs should both be expected to host him on official visits this fall. He said that he originally had been considering making a commitment ahead of the postseason this year, but said that has likely been pushed back along with everything else following Harvey.

“I was thinking before the playoffs before,” he said. “Probably now, it’s looking something like third round of the playoffs.”


On where things stand, what he expects to take from Oklahoma State and TCU officials

“I haven’t been up to Oklahoma State,” he said. “I have been up to TCU, and my family loved it, so it’s a lovely place.”

On what he would like to see from Oklahoma State on his first visit

“Education, nice facilities, and a coaching staff that’s a family,” he said. “I want to play someplace where the coaching staff has that family feel, that’s why TCU is very appealing.”


While it seems as though things are primarily a two-horse race between the Cowboys and Horned Frogs, Ojomo said there is still a collection of other teams keeping in contact with him. Had his season-opener against The Woodlands not been scheduled for Saturday, he said he would have entertained taking a trip to Texas A&M. Otherwise, he said teams like Iowa State, Texas and UConn are among those still kicking the tires with him.

Unless one of those other teams comes through with a strong pitch sooner than later, there doesn’t seem to be much doubt that Oklahoma State and TCU are in the best spot with Ojomo. Since he’s yet to visit Stillwater, that could critically tip the scales one way or the other for TCU, who has the benefit of a little more familiarity at this point.

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