Teacher sex: Laura Lynn Cross with pupil, 14, in Ohio, USA


ROMPS: Laura Lynn Cross is accused of grooming the boy

Laura Lynn Cross, 36, is accused of grooming the boy from when he was just 14-years-old with invitations to play in her swimming pool.

This is according to the lads’ dad and charges laid by police.

The boy’s dad, who is not named to protect the identity of the child, claims that school authorities missed multiple signs.

Laura Lynn CrossSG

ANGER: The boy’s dad has gone public

“To get aroused by a child basically you have to be a sick individual”

The boy’s dad

They were having sex”, he told his local news station in Ohio, USA.

He said the former Buchtel High School teacher is accused of engaging in a three-year sexual affair with the teenage boy she met when she was his eighth grade English teacher.

Cross, 36, has been indicted on three counts of sexual battery over a period beginning on August 1, 2013 through to September 6, 2016.

The boy’s dad says he first raised concerns to both a Buchtel High School official and Tallmadge Police as early as 2012.

Local media reports that no charges were filed but Cross did resign from her teaching position in January, 2015.

The boy’s dad said: “First of all, she’s a schoolteacher.

“To get aroused by a child basically you have to be a sick individual.

“I was told by the school that she had a ‘hold’ on him and he was not cooperating so basically they can’t do nothing with it.”

He also revealed that he found out about being a grandparent when an anonymous caller asked if he knew he was a grandad.

Charges were filed only last week after police learned that Cross and the teen had a child together in 2015 that was kept secret until a tipster called the dad father and broke the news.

Cross is currently being held in the Summit County Jail under $100,000 bond.

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