Tech lure for murdered teen, court hears

Two women brutally murdered a vulnerable teenager then buried him under concrete in the backyard of their Perth home after luring him there under the pretence of playing with technology, a court has heard.

Aaron Pajich was found in a shallow grave covered with newly-laid concrete and indoor tiles at the rear of Jemma Victoria Lilley’s Orelia property in June last year, a week after a search was launched for the missing 18-year-old.

The WA Supreme Court heard on Monday the 26-year-old had never previously met Mr Pajich, but her housemate Trudi Clare Lenon, 43, knew him as the friend of her 13-year-old son who went to the same college.

Prosecutor James MacTaggart said Lenon, a mother-of-three, phoned Aaron twice on the morning of the crime and arranged to meet him at a local shopping centre, then she and Lilley drove him to their home.

“Aaron Pajich did not ever emerge from that house alive,” Mr MacTaggart said.

He told the court detectives found signs on Lilley’s computer that Mr Pajich, a technology enthusiast, had inserted a thumb drive with an emulator on it into the machine.

The prosecutor said the teen was stabbed in the chest and neck, and Lilley, a supermarket night shift supervisor, had bragged about her crime to colleagues.

She told one she’d broken a garrotte, and “joked and gloated” about the killing to another colleague, “as if wearing it as a badge of honour”.

Mr MacTaggart said Mr Pajich had been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, while made him more vulnerable, although he otherwise had lived a normal life.

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