Tech Review: Switchmate Smart Wall Switch

If you know me, you know that I love smart products!  Smart lightbulbs, smart thermostats, smart sprinkler controllers, etc.  Many of them make life easier.  That’s the promise.  The problem is, there is often a high-level of complication when it comes to installing these smart devices.  Switchmate is the opposite of that.  It’s the easiest smart device that you’ll ever install that can control any light switch in your home.


Get ready, this is going to be a short section!  The company promises that installation takes 1 second.  The physical installation may be closer to .5 seconds.  You simply place the Switchmate on top of your existing switch.  Make sure you buy the right style (toggle or rocker) and the right color (white or ivory).  The magnets inside the Switchmate connect to the screws in your wall switch.  Once the Switchmate is attached, you’ll need to load up the Switchmate app to control it.

Controlling Switchmate

The app is fairly easy to understand but also pretty powerful.  You can control the switch manually, set it to go on and off based on a timer, set it to take action based on sunrise and sunset or even have it react to the built-in motion sensor.  This means you can have the lights turn on when someone walks into a room and turn off when there is no motion.

If you have a Wink Hub 2 you can also connect the Switchmate to your hub for integration with other smart home devices.  This will allow you to use the Wink app to control the Switchmatea and even use your Amazon Echo or Google Home device to talk to the Switchmate.

Not perfect but as easy as it gets

If I’m being totally honest, the Switchmate doesn’t look super elegant when it’s sitting on your switch.  It’s a big box sticking out from the wall.  I like the design and I think they made it as pretty as they possibly could.  There’s just no hiding something that has to sit on top of your light switch.  With that said, the easy of use and flexibility of being able to move it from one switch to another might be worth the awkward look.

This is by far the easiest way to quickly turn a bank of lights, a ceiling fan or a gas fireplace into a smart device!  At $30 it’s a solid device with an affordable price tag.  You can buy Switchmate at stores and directly through Switchmate’s website.

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