The ACER Predator 21X is a big laptop, and we mean that quite literally!

“It’s like, 18.5 pounds!” says Dan Ackerman with CNET. “It hardly seems like a laptop at all.”

It gets even more elaborate, the more you explore it.  All in all, its screen sits at 21 inches. It’s curved, so it appears even longer.

“It’s definitely unique,” says Ackerman. “It’s definitely a kind of cocktail party conversation starter.”

It’s also a gamer’s dream, with high resolution graphics and lots of storage. 

So what’s the downside to this bad boy? No surprise, but it’s pretty expensive: $9,000!

But if you’re in the market for a laptop and only want to spend a couple hundred bucks, Ackerman suggests a Chrome Book. Essentially, these laptops can be boiled down to Internet access and a keyboard.

“It’s a web browser, you’re going to Gmail with it, you’re going to use online services… you’re going to stream Netflix, YouTube, things like that.”

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