Terengganu Pas to Federal govt: Enact law on blasphemy on social media | New Straits Times

KUALA TERENGGANU: Terengganu Pas has urged the Federal government to draft a bill to punish those who insult Islam through speeches, writings or via the social media.

State Pas Commissioner II Dr Alias Razak said the new law should deter anyone from making blasphemous remarks about Islam and provide hefty fines and jail sentence to the offenders.

“For example, the postings by (lawyer) Siti Kassim and (politician) David Orok on their Facebook accounts have confused many Muslims.

“Their statements show that they have deviated from the true teachings of Islam when they questioned the deeds of prophets Ibrahim and Ismail.

“They should be sensitive to Islam even if they are not Muslims. We hope the government will take this matter seriously and conduct an investigation.

“If their statements are blasphemous, action must be taken against them,” he said.

Alias was speaking to reporters after state Pas secretary Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah lodged a police report against Siti Kassim and Sabah politician David Orok over their allegedly unconstitutional Facebook postings, at the Kuala Terengganu police station yesterday.

Alias claimed that Siti Kassim had on Sept 8, had commented via her Facebook account on the ‘ibadah korban’ practised by Muslims. Alias claimed Siti Kassim had made unsavoury comments regarding the practise, as well as the Prophet Ibrahim.

Alias claimed that on the same day, Sabah politician David Orok had also issued similarly controversial statements on Prophet Ismail.

Meanwhile, Siti Kasim on Tuesday, sent a letter of demand to Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and its online mouthpiece HarakahDaily over reports she had deemed defamatory.

In a copy of the letter dated on the same day, the two parties were given 48 hours to publish an apology and retract the offending articles 24 hours later, failing which she would proceed with legal action.

Among the demands of Siti Kassim was an apology to appear in HarakahDaily and its Facebook account within seven days, and for it to appear on the relevant articles which should be removed, and for the two parties to pay a reasonable sum in lieu of damages for the injury to her reputation.

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