Texas adds 19,600 jobs in July, the 13th consecutive month of employment growth | Economy

Texas added 19,600 jobs in July, a middling number on its own, but it’s one that builds on just over a year straight of employment growth in the Lone Star State, data released Friday shows.

Over the year, Texas added 293,400 jobs — the most of any state — followed by California, whose economy has grown by 276,400 jobs over the past year and Florida, which added 226,200.

That all puts Texas’ annual employment growth at 2.4 percent. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, that’s twice the rate at this time a year ago.

However, California, Florida and Pennsylvania saw the biggest jumps over last month, Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show. California added a whopping 82,600 positions. In second place, was Florida with 32,700.

July’s growth pales in comparison to June, when the state added 40,200 jobs to its economy, its biggest gain in a single month since January.

Still, observers see upsides in Texas’ business climate.

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