Texas Tech Athletics offers assistance during Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Texas Tech Athletics is offering assistance to Hurricane Harvey victims in numerous ways.

When Hurricane Harvey was approaching Texas late last week, few could predict where this quickly building storm would hit, or just how much damage it could do. With the inability to predict its course, mixed with how densely populated the potential impacted areas were, it created the perfect logistical nightmare for evacuations, rescuers, and aid agencies.

In the aftermath of such a disastrous storm, athletes, celebrities, politicians, and regular blue collar Americans have all banded together, offering every resource imaginable.

Since the storm hit, millions have been raised, tons of donations have poured into the Houston, and Gulf areas, and sports programs near and far have offered everything they have to help the region recover.

When Houston Men’s Basketball coach Kelvin Sampson asked athletics programs for shoes, shorts, etc., they answered the call, and the thread is pretty phenomenal.

Donations from Texas Tech Men’s Basketball:

Donations from Lady Raiders Women’s Basketball:

Houston head football coach Major Applewhite said in an interview with ESPN that the school was looking for 18-wheelers to help transport aid. According to ESPN reporter Sam Khan Junior’s Twitter account, the in-state schools that have stepped up and offered their equipment trucks are Baylor, TCU, Texas State, and Texas Tech.

Late Wednesday evening:

It was announced on Wednesday night that Tech would be donating $100 for every point scored in the Eastern Washington game on Saturday. With the high octane offense Tech runs, combined with the numbers EWU has been putting up, it could be a pretty nice donation. And after spending four years in Houston to begin his coaching career, Kliff Kingsbury will be matching the donation.

For all Texans, the devastation and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is deeply personal. The Red Raiders will continue to support the communities impacted for months, if not years to come.

Stay tuned to Wreck ‘Em Red, and all of the official Texas Tech social media accounts for continued updates on how to help the recovery effort.


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