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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and has pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher res independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to sell direct your own portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 888. 7508723. As always in the studio. Co host of the Bulls and Bears. Senior coach of online trading data me a friend of mind a manager mine. Cynic O Steve chip let’s go and actually at the at the weekend man lost talk about it the Federal Reserve throughout this week talk about raising interest rates which. We really need to have a in this country. And yet what the problem is it that would drop possibly cause a collapse in the stock market which is where Robles for the cases it and so. We get the perfect storm potentially brewing here in the markets and a lot of people are complacent right now is the market’s going up for awhile. We have discussion about a collapse or correction because what happens. If you’re not prepared getting all that money back so lots to cover today could be here good to see you Adam as well Jay in the Booth fear. Exciting time always a pleasure to be able to visit hopefully we can make an impact. With some of the listeners out there is absolutely and don’t forget to head over to FaceBook lite jazz and Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time throughout the show 24/7. Got a question for the coach call the coach hotline at 877904. Trade we got a couple questions coming up later or UC coach Steve chip but so. Tim got a lot talk about this market right now as a lot of uncertainty every day in and day out people ask me and I’m sure they asking you. What’s cool now this market what is this market and collapses mark and keep keep rallying. People are uncertain what what is gonna happen in a market like this we have to talk about how to preserve capital to mark like this. Because once this market let’s go it’s too late to be focusing on preservation and that’s why you preserve first rose second. Chip let’s talk about capital prisoners Nazi old school philosophy of understand what the Martin gene do you view but also under there would can duty in the market’s been given us returns since 2009 I mean since the collapse the last collapsed yes MPs up over 250%. Since that time and the problem is that it is you know many of the listeners therefore one k’s not. Up to 50% since that time in yet if we looked indeed some. Matching of what there of potential investment opportunities are tracking the track the S&P. 95%. People that we meet live and people that we don’t listen that is the Bulls and Bears show. They tell us that their account tracks the S&P is also the S and beat up to a 50% since march of 2009 yet. The average forward he’s up less than a 100% so a lot of you’ll say well you know I’ve I’ve made my money back but the problem is yet you’ve made your money back in a straight up market. You have neem performed the level of the S and peace before too. And so now we have a conversation about valuation which means that the recipes overvalued it’s the highest price in history and it’s at a record time we keep breaking new record highs and pull back and breaking new record highs and pull him back. And the S and p.’s high in the Dow jones’ high. And the reality is this Adam what caused the market to rally since the low of 2009. March of 2009 was eight stimulus program and Federal Reserve its its usual program where they put in a play. Quantitative easing they threw money at the problem because. If you remember in 2008 the sky was falling everybody was running around scared to death the market fell 50% a major collapse. Because things were overvalued at that point time. In here we are again were overvalued the market’s gone up for a long period of time. In many of the listeners have participated in that they’re formed Kaczur up tonight that’s we applaud that but here’s the problem when we get the correction we get them moved now we get the situation where. People trying to pull their money out of the market because there’s opportunities outside of the stock market to Britain to make a profit in. That’s when the collapse happens and here’s the reality of this past week the Federal Reserve came out said they gonna raise interest rates here in quarter four. Coming in a quarter for. Now every time they do that they speak of that the stock market stuff to weaken. And here’s why if we can’t put our money anywhere other than the stock market get a return on our money because if you think about it. There’s really no place you can go right now and open up an account with a bankers CD or any kind of interest bearing instrument indeed any kind of return because there isn’t interest rates right now. And because there’s no interest rates people put their money into the stock market. Causing it to rally historically now the yes and he is at a record high and now the Federal Reserve saying August just a will leaks and interest rates back and in this it in this economy we need interest rates to grow the economy but the problem is is this. If people begin to realize they can put their money into an interest bearing account rather in the stock market. Without the risk of the stock market goes up a pull their money on the stock market. So every time the Federal Reserve speaks of raising interest rates the markets thus the Trimble’s obstacle is just a busy shaking shutter a little bit. And that’s not good for the 41 K holders because. The bulk of your money’s in the market is tracking the S&P it’s tracking the broad market as a whole. Sold the reality is is that the Fed has to raise interest rates to spur the economy. Every time they speak of doing at the stock market assessing it week in Sussex moves down in price was the perfect storm. You as a listener need to be ready for this to happen because it has to happen historically speaking we can’t maintain this level of no interest rates and no economic growth. And have our economy stayed intact. So the reality is is the perfect storm and many will listeners aren’t ready for the collapse because when it happens. They’re gonna give all those gains back they made those 401 k’s and it’s gonna go to somebody’s on the other side they treat some institutions can be betting against the market going up. The gonna probably a false. And that’s what the week gets separated from the chaff fadiman those those those of the listeners out there. That don’t understand the process of protecting and preserving. You’ve been stuck to understand because it’s gonna happen it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter win. Well exactly of course is gonna go down I mean the market hasta only go one of two directions up or down if that’s been going up like this can ask yourself what is gonna go down interest rates. You know chip traditionally you know a lot of people be concerned around this time of the year. They start to think about a case Summers past us now we’re getting ready for the holidays. They don’t know what to do and this is this is uncharted waters with the way the economy is the way the world businesses. If you don’t know what to do them both and up in a down market I would now be in the market. And there’s so many things at the listeners can do even in a forward tee to protect and preserve their capital in other words. To maintain not getting hurt badly in a collapse of the market there’s options this futures this so leave it positions and things that. Any average person could do to protect a reserve gets lost. And you have to be ready you know you don’t wanna ensure your house after Burres the ground. He don’t wanna put capital preservation positions in play before the club after the collapse because he’s too that you can do at that point. So is now trying to start thinking about that capital preservation becomes Paramount in this TS keep your long term success. Exactly and online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears. They understand people have questions about capital preservation they understand. In a lot of fuel don’t know how to have capital preservation in their 401K in their higher and that’s a they have a class specifically on capital preservation. You know this class is a 500 dollar value in this class is unique because of someone’s in the market they donors in how to truly protect their money this class level with the accept a few ceases classic giveaway from our sponsor online trading Academy Award at take callers ten to 25 if you don’t want to miss out on this pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers to 125. Get a 500 dollar class and capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy fuel for one K and IRA you’re concerned about protecting your money this is the class for you 8445187233. I think 44518. Seve to 33 for scholars tend to 25. It is 500 dollar class on capital preservation. That’s 84451. Trade does that a chance fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls it says hello this. And it’s nothing entries wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely chip you know people ask because what that’s like has to do with the markets at bulls better while you ever watch that show you watch it nick at nite sometimes it’s an old school show use you on. Yeah he’s yet Friday night’s. And Fred Sanford Sanford inside and has some LaMont there in the wholesale businessman there’ll. They were junk dealers there was there was salvage dealers and so they knew how to buy at wholesale seller retail to be ties folks. That’s the key to the market. Buy low sell high and it’s we should be news dia. Fred G sample with one of the greatest in the history of the world that do that violence alone classic class ticket to Nicaragua. Chip talk about a variety big one of the things we always talk about here apples bears but don’t forget it head over to FaceBook lightness of bulls bears radio and of course we got a question proceed coach cup coach hotline at 87790. Portrayed. 4417 Colin on net but it was the things we always talk about here Bulls and Bears. That the market is up market is down. I meet tons of people you meet tons of people I meet people all over the country. You’ll get so confused about the market the fact that it goes up people make money and goes down people lose money we know it goes up and down let’s take a moment and talk about. How to make money in a downward move in the market when I meet somebody they always say you know wanted to hear you talk about shorting. For years I just don’t give. People always ask me they see here is on Bulls and Bears a senior around town they’ll say champ what’s a good stock at a console. And how we say one has publicly traded. One it’s gonna go up or down and people look at me strangely because I know in my heart that there ask me one that I think’s gonna go up in price but I don’t need to go up and pricing news today. I need to move. And the beautiful thing about the markets and when price move when things go up or down as an opportunity to profit. The problem is Adam as you well know of the masses they earn a 41 K and they make money when the market goes up that’s it. So up is good in doubt as bad so we ever had before talking about the market collapse and or correction or things over night and he’s up to come down. People get all frustrated upset about that I don’t say that. We’ll tell me Amare is gonna fall champ it has the fall. No tree grows to the sky things can only go to a certain price and and is no more buyers anymore is no more demand and supply exceeds demand a price falls. That will happen in your 401K. It’s not a it’s not on trial it’s just math. And the problem is is that many people dished heated up about that happened but the opportunity to profit when that happens is immense because. Hardly anybody knows how to do it. I mean the masses are biased setup is Gooden down as bad and the problem is is that. Of the few the institutions Goldman Sachs. The best traders investors in the world they understand that down as good as well. It’s of you don’t understand how to make money when price goes up or down your limited. And the problem many of the forward Kate people out there of people that have money sitting in forward case if the mark goes on you get crushed you cut it collapses you you lose money. And we have to have a discussion about understanding regardless of direction how to make money. And that involves short selling and shorting was short selling as it’s called is not a complex process not difficult is just different. What exactly that it’s just different and it’s like anything it’s like driving five speed in the car once you understand how to do it. Don’t you take that skill from in the unique thing is his only people that have been in the market six months and they are not a short Sami people that the market for thirty years and they learn how to short so. But if you don’t truly understand how to make money in a downward move in the market. You joke around about you know the inference on buy low sell high. Whoever said what orders allies by low champion no past that’s short selling and all we’re doing is we’re selling an advance of a move down now here’s that. This is we’re deeply confused we shorts on because for putting us up to do a time frame or time passing has nothing to do with that. When you buy something in the financial markets and you buy mutual funds and 41 K your role would you consider it along those mutual funds. You bought the night considered along those assets you own them your long. When you sell them to enter a trader opportunity your investment your short. So simply a mirror image of itself so in order to be short something we have to sell something that we don’t own and that’s what people get confused as to how can I sell us something. Before fall the price of I don’t already own it. Well that’s a beautiful thing in the financial markets your broker owns. Shears that they’ll allow you to sell on your behalf Noah give an example let’s say General Electric GE. You know component of the Dow industrial means one of the thirty companies that are in the Dow Jones industrial. I asked cup it’s been around for ever and GE’s a behemoth had been that solid blue chip. No large cap stock everybody knows GTE’s. Trader 125 bucks a share now do you believe that it was gonna fall from 25 down a 22. How could you profit met at three dollar moved down in price while the one of the ways you’ll be too short the stock here’s what this means. You go to your brokerage account TD Ameritrade Schwab Scott trade tradestation any of the major brokers out there. They’ll allow you to sell shares of GE stock in the market. Without owning them bill I need to use their inventory the great thing about brokers in America is that they get paid when you X acute the transaction. So they’re big they’re biased about transaction it trends actually bias. Weird direction buys we want to profit from a move down. So what they do is they allow us to sell shares of their inventory into the market at 25 dolls share so the stocks at 25 right now. And I decide I wanna sell to it shares of that stock I go to my brokerage account I can hit the short sell button. On my trading account and they’ll sell 200 shares of G into the market at 25 bucks a share. Now didn’t sell out in my inventory. Because I don’t own the stock I’ve never bought it I don’t own it and I don’t necessarily have ever bought it I might own it but in this case I don’t because it would be shorting a file and it. Some selling it short in other words I’m selling units of the market my bro was allowed me to use their inventory to sell at 25 bucks a share. Now here’s what happened when price falls to 22. I’d buyback. Now the moment I buy back the inventory goes right back into my brokers inventory in other words. When I buy the shares back the stock immediately goes back into TD Ameritrade or shrubs inventory. So here’s what just happened. We sold it at 25. Out of their inventory they let us use their shares they base essentially let us borrow the shares to sell on to the markets when he five. When price fell to 22 we brought back to mobile point bottom back the stock immediately went back and our brokers inventory. And here’s the beautiful thing to three dollar share profit that stays in our count. So on a hundred shares which is major in a box on a thousand shares which is made three grand on a three dollar moved on a stock. That we didn’t own in that interesting that shorting now imagine this. Imagine a collapse in the market new short the S&P U sure some of the major components of the market. You make a fortune. That’s what happened 2008 when you lost money in your forward case somebody was Schwartz. That same account so it was short those same positions so when that money left your counted didn’t go well it didn’t dissolve it didn’t. Just go away it went to somebody else who short the opportunity. That’s the power short selling it’s not complex process and I’m hoping that some listeners will tune in because. You can learn this deal you can do this consistently so that direction doesn’t Matty to see movement and movement happens constantly. Exactly and online trading academy that a class specifically on shorts on the market with a brand new the mark even in the market for years if you don’t understand how to capitalize and a downward move the market. You do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar value every time we give away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up you do not want to miss out on this. We have limited seats we’re gonna take callers ten to twenty. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade a date for 451 trade for callers tend to Tony beat a 500 dollar class. From online trading academy and shorts on the market. Again 844518723384451878233. For callers to the wanted to get this 500 dollar class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy. B of a 401K if you have an irate you don’t know how to utilize that money to make money in a downward move he do now wanna miss out on this pick up the phone call 844. 51 trade that’s 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that I was at a Francisco have the blast have attempted times with the boys studio. Always bloody year both sides of the senate you go to FaceBook. We need all these bloopers and we do all we of their we have a camera here in the studio and Ambien it doesn’t make this show who have yet to see it on FaceBook and that’s ring. That’s about half that we can edited out but that’s where the real funny as man so we know how hot they find us on FaceBook like yes. At Bulls and Bears radio her FaceBook and of course of you have a question proceed your coach at any given time 24/7. Got a coach outlined 877904. Trade. That’s 877904. Trade if you get out there it’s a precept and we have some great high Def videos on there would meet Adam just cannot talk him. About stuff outside of the markets about the markets and more importantly. While we mess up and we’ve been having a lot of those today for sure so it’s going to be fun this week holidays of bloopers are always the bloopers chip talk about variety of things. You lies in the market to generate income utilized in the market to grow long term wealth. These are things that people should be doing on a short term and long term basis. The neat thing about the financial markets is there’s opportunity every single day when it comes of the financial markets a lot of people don’t realize that. When you find opportunity on a daily or weekly or monthly basis eternity income champ let’s take a moment let’s break it down you know better than anybody else how someone can trade. For short term income while I got a perfect example a guy I just talked to today he’s the student online trading academy. Face to be a barber from this guy I would his hand to mouth paycheck to paycheck cut hair for eleven years working at a barbershop. And he got excited about the opportunity to financial markets present him for short term incumbent U wanna be a Barbara remorse feet where Burton hands were hurt and and he only made money and is cut hair. And he was able to make it into one of the centers for online trading academy saw the picture that he could potentially treat for short term income. Maybe supplement his hair cutting income was barber income. And he started out a spare time. And I’ve watched this man of the last four years his transition his entire life and got a brand new Mercedes. I just I mean he just told me that he’s had his biggest week. In addition the financial markets this week Jimmy’s up multiple files are dolls this week will docket retreating currencies. Which is a very low account size product that you can trade up or just have a lot of money to trade currencies and he came in here without atomic capital. And this man is Lily transition is life so the markets for a lot of people can be the gateway into a bigger quality alive a larger life. And we see constantly sell a lot of people when they think the word traitor. They think of Wall Street the movie Wall Street or the war for Wall Street think of some Hollywood depiction. A border trader Ressa looks like. So the most successful traders that you and I know Adam these people have jobs and careers and businesses and they got an hour a week or couple hours a week maybe 34 dollars a week. Where they can contribute or being in the markets and able to go and make money on a spare time basis it’s a great great place to play to generate additional stream didn’t come. If you have available time you’ll meet its hard time just a matter of learning process learning the system and in the sky becomes a limit for you. Well that’s the neat thing this guy becomes a limit chip you know whether tell one story can tell under stores. You know there’s so many people out there that will turn to the financial markets to change their lifestyle. It doesn’t mean they necessarily our hand about I know people that have you know good lifestyle with a little bit more like they want more vacation there won the bills paid off that would be debt free whatever it is. Utilizing the market generating come as a great opportunity for someone who wants to you. Not take on a second full time job or part time job but to supplement some of that income and could turn into like you said sky’s the limit while the great thing is is that there’s not a lot of barriers to entry. You don’t have to have atomic capital could you can treat it leveraged products like futures or options are currencies. Just have a ton a time because if you have a good plan in place you can we can Sicily prop from the market in 3040 minutes a day if you know you’re looking for. So the goal for a lot of people specially a lot of listeners out there is how can I bring us some extra money but I have to get a second job what I haven’t you know work extra shifts at work. And the financial markets a way to do that and what I found is that many people who have become very successful. Trading and investing. Cut their teeth and had their gate way to the markets on a spare time basis look at legal extra money. Mean and all right she indicated we often talk to people are trying to make an extra. Fifty bucks a week a hundred bucks a week if they can do that consistently. That’ll change your life and here’s the benefit if you can consistently do that you stuck to get a compound in growth return your account which means you’ll put more money in play. And not able to big bigger returns for the same type a systematic approach. It’s simply a process of making a decision that you understand potentially can turn to something bigger. And then being consistent on a small scale. And it just opens a door that long term success possibilities and you know I love. Is that it doesn’t matter what sex your our collier how he GPA was none of that matters the market doesn’t care it’s an opting for anybody and I can tell you stood distribute that. Dumber than a lot of listeners out there there’s a tremendous success Lamar is simply a matter of taking the steps and going work exactly columnist that are rules and that’s an online trading academy does. It teaches people how to follow certain rules when entering or exiting the market the neat thing is. Is if you’re trying to generate some additional income applicants for the market to be short term income for you. Then a class specifically on how you can start that process a lot of people don’t know where to begin. When your brand in the mark you’ve been in the market for years if you don’t have consistency to generate short term income this is the class for you. I’m a few seats to give away we’re gonna take callers ten. To twenty this is a 500 dollar value pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that takes 4451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class. And trading for short term income from my mind treaty again do you do now wanna miss out on this again if your brand new 8445187233. That’s 8445187233. For callers to the twenty to get a class. A 500 dollar value on trading for short term income from online trading academy. Once again 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade does that champ a Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a grouse that the just got to get I’ve added some blasts. Always good time here Bulls and Bears over it and over at FaceBook. Like SF Bulls and Bears radio chip bows over the the other day apparently more than. Where that your mother by by the like is that they it’s a lot of feel like us on FaceBook and those so we urge the listeners a go ahead and give us alike on FaceBook we ought to follow it that it’s a great site. We got some enhancements come of the site to that I’ve never even disclosed yet so the B can be role in those are over the next few weeks ago I absolutely don’t forget any time 24/7. Got a question for ask the coach probably coach out Heidi said that seven. 904 traded speak and ask the coach is that time of the show on Bulls and Bears we’re gonna take is that Jeremy from south Atlanta. They have to go on this is Jamie down and I felt Atlanta. How about my had a question about 41 K Tom what kind of stocks go into the 41 K because. I look at other kind of you know other stocks and other charts and I feel a lot of you know good movement powerful movement sometimes. But that I would want 41 pin it looked like it hasn’t done Italy can you tell me what kind of doctor in there and how it how I would be able to go about getting into big good. Portfolio. Thanks. Well it’s a great question Jeremy from south Atlanta we appreciate your column in the S coastline. Arm yes what kind of stocks to one of the 41 K and put I’m a mutual funds than what the problem is. For most people in forward cases they really don’t have a lot of choices. When you sign up for the forward K in this is probably made a listeners. You have opportunities for investment vehicles within the 41 K but predominantly their mutual funds and all mutual funds are Jeremy is baskets of stocks in other words. The prevailing mindset is that you wanna be diversified and diversified means if I got some leg goes down in one place I guess on the goes up another place. And the kind of offset each other you know a college diversification we eat at bulls the bears called it dilution would diluting our returns. Because what that diversification thought process does it is it holes youth down from growing your counsel you see these other stocks that are moving dramatically in a direction. In your account isn’t it’s because you’ve got this spread out over a bunch of different positions not a problem with the forward Kate Jeremy is that. The mutual fund choices that are available normally the worst ones out there. I mean there’s a lot of historical documentation at talks about those what they call the dogs funds in the reason that they put him in the 41 case. Is because nobody in their right my would buy them anywhere else. And and when most people sign up for the forward Qaeda don’t do a lot of research into those funds they just pick it by name I mean literally I mean people also I say. I have no idea what I picks I was in the breaker met the human resource. Human resource officer at my place a work. And I had to pick something and I just went by and made an epic the growth fund nor the emerging market fund. And now you’ve got this basket of stocks. That are all diversified. And it’s gonna do your returns ultimately because if the market goes up you got gonna go up as dramatically as as much. But when the market falls to 95% of those tracked the S&P we spoke this early in an earlier session. You take the full brunt of the loss think about that in the march collapse as you get hurt badly in the 41 K boy in the market rises you only get a small percentage of the return of the market. So what I would recommend fluids Jeremy is. And this is not something that try to tell you what to do and I can’t I can’t give you any kind of specific tasks that follow born like you say is. You could put yourself in different positions you can learn the skills of self directing other words you have the money in the 41 K because that’s your retirement vehicle. It’s your investment vehicle you home wanna build long term to give you some sort of lifestyle. Later on a life. You can do the same thing and irony. You can open up an IRA. In addition to the 41 K. And you can put yourself in positions where you can pick some of those more high fliers that you like to see immediate those big returns. But he could also manage risk the problem the forward Kei is. You have no risk management and play another word of the Marc Klaas you just ride it down. Were not hire you could do things like we talked about the first session capital preservation racquet protective hedge against loss like it take advantage of the nice moves up. When price falls I can still profit and I can learn a protective hedge against major loss and lower my risk profile. And that’s what self threatens all about wheat pit Bulls and Bears bang the drum console that people would need to learn the skills to. Self director retirement accounts because here’s my question do you German now leave you with this. Who you know before one K who’s become wealthy in a 41 K what are you know we’ve built tremendous wealth and a 41 K probably no one. And I writers elicit a figure out who you know who’s built incredible wealth and 41 K it doesn’t usually happen because you can only make money one direction as we spoke of and yet wait too much risks on the market correction false. You give it all back that is not a good investment process and so we believe that you could learn the skills of self directing your retirement account. Have the same tax deferred benefits that a forward Kaye has using an higher air similar type of product. And ultimately not have to weigh about getting crushed in a collapsed you could actually profit in the collapsed. And that’s really what most people don’t understand and that’s why we at Bulls and Bears costly speak of self directed because. The potential opportunities incredible few honest journalist Lou in the steals of self directing. It’s not a complex process has just taken the steps. Going to work and put in a play and then watch what happens to you know ultimately get those nice Compagnie returns. We can grow that account ultimately you’ll get to that number you need to we don’t have to worry about more money anymore and that’s ultimately the goal for most people that is the goal to get two point. Are you don’t have to worry about money once you get to that point that’s nice spot. Jeremy and for everybody else up their self directed is Paramount you managing your money it’s it’s because nobody else cares about your money like you do and that’s why you need to do it online trading academy to have a class specifically on. Self directed and whether you brand new to the market or you just got into the market he’d been in the market for years. If you’re not managing your own retirement accounts if you’re not making your own decisions financially you need to. And that’s why they have a class online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directed as a 500 dollar value at a few seats to give away. Pick up the phone we’re gonna take callers right now ten to twentieth as a 500 dollar class for the phone call. 84451. Trade that state 4451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class itself directing. Your portfolio for my mind treaty to can’t begin if you’ve been in the market you’re not managing yourself. And you’re looking to pick up the phone call 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers ten to 22 units 500 dollar class specifically on self directed your portfolio. He did not want to miss out on us 844 or five point trade that date for fourth. 51 trade to get a 500 dollar class on self directed for about my trading academy is out of a champ fumbles a bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears embryos at a distance goes it. It back and there it would join you guys. Had a slightly below last today AB we keep we see we can’t seem to get out of her way here with get this thing got off the ground so it’s fun though so go to FaceBook you what is he has absolute mess ups do we look like him is not a lot of you know get perfect face for radio out of and I promise you but that a mother’s yes absolutely about mobs of get the good buffets are good the way simply what. Look what he’s saying it mob. So anyway by whoever a lot of Saturday after 3040 years later area she this year I am you have created the other radio Bob Lafayette before you called gay had to face lookalike has that bulls bears radios. And of course anytime we got a question for as the coach cup coach outline 877904. Trade it’s a free stepping debate about it. Chip talk about a variety of different things well the biggest opponents of treating them as soon as a lot fueled an out of set themselves up they don’t understand. How to set themselves up to alternately operate and facilitate and run a business. The markets are business the average person wants to run a business the general public would love to have a business the markets can do let’s talk about. It’s American dream man land of opportunity yet this country’s become the land of the secure jobless benefits. Because is so few people that’d take an amazing opportunity and those that do take me is the opportunity small business owners listen me for second. I know right now somebody’s driving down the road to get latter volatile via truck I’ve been that guy. Was scaffolding and ladders and Ruth Jackson all that stuff like him out of the framing business. And I get it and I get the stress that I get chasing money and haven’t clients not pay in. Workers’ comp a liability and insurance and inventory in people much showed up in bad checks. That’s the typical small business is a lot of people that you won’t your business in your business owns you pretty simple. And when you start that business what you do would you buy yourself a job. And you alas wanna get paid in yet you still have the dream. And I admire that dream because you still want a bill suddenly gives you equity gives you the ability didn’t control your income he’s ability to set your schedule it’s out there. You know I love Adams when I deduce the financial markets trading and investing I was a business owner. I saw this is a better alternative I sort of where I can make money clicking a mouse that climb a ladder. And ultimately if I was a little better than the masses and I will tell you this. It’s not that hard to be a little smarter than the masses and ’cause the financially if I could be so little smarter in the masses I can take money consistently off the field and I can live the life I want. And that’s what the markets provide us so we talk about treating as a business. Understand this this is it a hobby. There’s a lot of people that literally start out on a very very small accounts sized. And they’re able to generate enough income to grow to sink to the point where they can live off the markets it’s happened before. And so the entry is making a decision that you wanna start outs looking at the markets as a business. And have all the benefits of being supplement what with a lot of additional headaches and then what now just a matter of having consistency like in any business over time. And I’ve seen it happen in people’s lives where they literally mean high school drop out people that never went to college people that don’t have advanced degrees. That a vote crush it in the financial markets simply because they made a decision. And they went ahead they starter on the process and ultimately they just had to be smarter than the masses and I will say this we used to call on the sheep in the heard in the donors. The masses have no clue how to build wealth because of they did they’d be building it. And so the competition that that isn’t that hard in this arena but you have to separate yourself from the masses and if you structure this is a visit treat like a business. The sky becomes a limit for human. Exactly and a lot of individuals that want to business I know people all the time this and Adam from past 4030 years. What is sort of business they don’t understand where to start the donors in how to start popular thing to have enough capital started some of the best traders and investors I know. You know they started trading with you know less than 101000 dollars or name any other foot in the door. They really started you know taken off but the thing online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals. We’ll start their business their trading business with a variety count sizes some small some large it just depends on the person. They teach a class specifically not treating as a business is a 500 dollar value. If the game changer for the person who’s working for the employer. But the person who wants to have something different maybe different lifestyle maybe you want that financial freedom. Maybe you want that time freedom trading as a business is Paramount there’s a 500 dollar class taught right at academy you do not want to miss out on this we only have a few seats to give away we’re gonna take callers ten to 25 pick up the phone and call. 84451. Trade that date for four. Five more trade for callers to and it’s 45. Yeah 500. Online trading academy 84451872338445187. ET 33 for callers to end at 45. A date for 45. Why that trade is atom chip a Bulls and Bears.

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