The Issues South Australian Recruitment Agencies Are Facing

Janet from South Australian recruitment company Recruitco joined Roo and Ditts on Triple M Breakfast this morning to discuss the pitfalls recruiters are currently facing.

South Australia current;y has the worst unemployment in the country at 7.3 percent, well above the Nation’s average of 5.5 percent, and Janet says that through a variety of issues, that number is likely to get better.

“The frustration we have as recruiters is we are sifting through literally hundreds of resumes every week,” Janet told Roo and Ditts.

“There’s only a small percentage that apply that are suitable for a particular role, and overall there’s probably about 15 per cent that are suitable for any role.

“In some instances there is pre-employment screening you have to go through which includes drug and alcohol.”

When asked whether there was an ongoing issue of job seekers failing drug and alcohol tests, Janet revealed that as recruiters they try not to put people forward for jobs who have failed tests.

“We try to screen and filter that out before we get to the premium employment stage,” Janet revealed, “But unfortunately we’re dealing with humans and not everybody is forthcoming.

“Obviously if they’re operating machinery we can’t them in a position where they are at risk to themselves or somebody else.”

Unfortunately it isn’t just a substance issue, with some job seekers just unequipped for some positions.

“There are people who are genuinely looking for work but for whatever reason we can’t place them,” Janet said.

“It could be a lack of skills. It could be that they haven’t worked for a length of time, or they have some major issues.”



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