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NAMIBIAN workers can be forgiven if they feel left out. They have been an integral part of the liberation struggle, and the NUNW is also an affiliate of Swapo. However, that has not changed the workers’ fortunes. Domestic workers, farm workers, shop assistants, petrol attendants and security guards are the most affected, but they receive little assistance from the people they voted into power.

Food For Thought

I AM one of the many people who believe that sending big groups of government executives abroad is a complete waste of money. Our ministers, permanent secretaries and directors have been on fact-finding missions to Europe and other African countries, but they have not changed for the better. How can we trust that they are going to learn anything this time? The problem is the mindset.

Bouquets And Brickbats

IF EVERY Namibian gets a million dollars from the government, we all could be well off. Everyone would receive their million when they turn 21. The Vision 2030 goals would be met easily, and the crime rate would decrease. Even the land issue would be resolved. Just my thoughts.

THE nation deserves the truth. When Lazarus Kandara was involved in the N$30 million scandal, the entire nation, including the police, were on his tail 24 hours simply because he was a nobody. Now that the big guns are involved in the disappearance of N$200 million from the SME Bank, everyone is quite including the Inspector General. We, the people of this nation, want to see a full audit report from when this bank was established.

THE attacks on tourists and the break-in at the Brazilian ambassador’s home is a testimony of how crime has festered in Namibia. The police need to get to grips with petty criminals; otherwise, crime will only get more outrageous. If the police don’t know, they must listen carefully. We, the citizens, feel very unsafe in our homes and neighbourhoods. It is getting worse every day.

THE new procurement bill has many gaps that are being exploited by the SOEs. One such loophole is that of consultancy services below N$5 million. Minister Calle Schlettwein, your intentions might have been good, but our people are corrupt.

THE second land conference was postponed due to the lack of consultation. Can the President or land reform minister tell me what we are waiting for? Please start with consultation immediately, so we conclude this emotional, sensitive matter early next year.

PRIME Minister Sara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila must do something about students doing internships at government institutions. They suffer from lack of transport and other needs. Please give them something like an allowance at least.

Singapore Trip

SOPHIA Shaningwa, you just wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money with that trip to Singapore. There have been no printers for two years. ACC, show your worth for once and probe that ministry’s finance department.

IT’S unthinkable to defend such non-prudent and irrational decision to send a big group of top managers to Singapore at such exorbitant/high cost when we’re facing a severe economic meltdown. We have Nipam! If the requisite skills are not available locally, why not invite the trainers/lecturers to come in at a much lesser price? Let’s get our priorities right, please!

From The Regions

MR Mueller, please wake up, the Nimt Northern Campus is falling apart. Why does the principal allow the trainees to do as they want? We are using cellphones as we wish while you said cellphones are not to be used at the campus. We are disturbed by fellow trainees who use their phones even in classes and in the workshops. Training officers see this and just allow it. Are we no longer part of NIMT anymore?

FISHERIES minister Bernhard Esau, we want clear feedback on the retrenchments at KIFI, Kamutjonga, without any notification or written letter from you. This is unfair. Please call us back to start working if there is no valuable reason for our retrenchment. This country is free for both poor and rich!

I am so proud of Thaddeus Kaapala (Tate Mbuti). My dear, keep up with what you are doing for the region. I never knew you would bring the Namungelele Community Project to the level it is right now. You are a true leader, my dear brother. We are behind you and will support you. – Maria Mabuku, Oshakati

WE, the residents of Karasburg, humbly request Standard Bank to open a branch in our town or even a mobile ATM. We are suffering a lot when we need to deposit or withdraw money. We have to travel a long distance to Keetmanshoop, which is 213km.

COUNCILLOR Tuhafeni Haufiku of Usakos Town Council has been around for so long, but the man is a total waste of scarce resources. Why does he not go and look after his goats? He, after all, has serious challenges in as far as a basic reading ability is concerned.

ROADS Authority, also consider upgrading to bitumen standard the Usakos-Okombahe and Omaruru road and the Karibib to Otjimbingwe road.

GOVERNOR of //Karas region, is it permitted to run a business from a garage of a government house? It’s happening in Kosis.

GOVERNOR Angelika Muharukua of Kunene region only talks about drought and poverty. She rarely visits southern Kunene.


WHAT’S the use of diplomas and degrees of many so-called qualified Namibians? Do they know why they obtained them, or for what? Mostly the finance and law fraternities are pathetic! Only a few of them show what is left of them when they forget what they have learned. I take my hat off for Dr Helena Ndume, Panduleni Itula and Johannes Nghaamwa! Keep up the good work, sons and daughters of our beloved land! One day, they will attract people from other countries to seek their medical attention here in Namibia.

WHY are we still in darkness on a matter relating to the N$1,8 million donated by WHO to help the expectant mothers at Outapi? The money was intended to buy beds, but still, nothing has been done so far. We need the answer from the governor’s office.

MINISTRY of health, do something please, we are suffering here at Ondangwa. Since July, the tetanus medicine has been out of stock.

CONGRATS to our doctors, Johannes Nghaamwa and Panduleni Itula. I am so proud to be a Namibian. May God continue to bless you!

In Response

OK, Minimark Khomasrand. We have always strived to please our customers, and I would like to apologise to the said customer who was charged for items that were not received. I urge the customer to contact me directly to sort out this issue. My name is Manuel 081 240 4491. We pride ourselves on customer service and therefore take this matter very seriously. Thank you for the opportunity to reply on the issue.


TULIPOHAMBA Training & Assessment Institute’s lecturer in Windhoek, what are your duties? Some of our children still do not have a place for an internship, but you are just there eating your money without asking students if they get an internship, but when it comes to the end of the month, you are calling students asking them your money. What is that, are you only concerned about your money?

UNAM management, engage the heartless CES management. It seems they introduced e-learning to exclude the majority from studying. Namibia is not all connected to the internet. Namibia is not Windhoek where the internet is readily available. They should know that the struggle we waged was not aimed to exclude us from accessing university education. – Oshaango, Oshikoto

TO all teachers at Oshela, we thank you for everything you did like motivating us and the knowledge you imparted to us, especially teachers Jason and Matyaka together with P Wetu. May God bless you abundantly.

THE teachers at Pahangwashime Combined School, please stop gossiping about pupils. That is not good at all. Even if you hate a child that much. Please stop that!

WE, the pupils of Oshakati West Primary School, are tired of our school principal. She doesn’t respect us as pupils. She also likes abusing us.

MRS Shikomba Aune from Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Secondary School, you are there to educate us and not to ask us personal questions.

Service Please

LEGAL Shield is now failing to settle our legal accounts in time, while we are judiciously paying our premiums. As a result, lawyers are withdrawing from our court cases. Namfisa, please urgently look into this matter before it’s too late!

METROPOLITAN or MMI Namibia is the only establishment that takes long to pay out policies, savings. Stop payments take a month or more. In this time of ICT, most other insurance companies take three days at the most. Why does it have to be like that?

SHAME on Metropolitan Namibia. You will lose many prospective clients with this retarded service delivery that takes ages. Management should look urgently into this matter as many clients are seriously unhappy and spread the message.

DSTV, you can continue not showing boxing matches, we don’t care. We have our MTC Namibia, so we are just streaming with the 4G.

Lost And Found

I, LUKAS Shiveda, lost my documents in Windhoek, including ID card, Bank Windhoek and ATM bank card. If found, please contact me on 081 787 8220 or 081 754 3838.

I FOUND a wallet containing personal documents of Mateus Pashukeni Oteya. Please contact me on 081 209 2881 or 081 592 1963.

I, JEREMIA Neshuku Nghifavali, lost my ID card in June. If found, please contact me on 081 298 5483.

I, LIKIUS Frans, lost my ID card in Windhoek. If found, please contact me on 081 487 3277.

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