The new hi-tech Vespa Sei Giorni is a tribute to the iconic 1950s scooter


Classic Vespa scooter has been re-imagined for the 21st century packed with gadgets you could only dream of in the 1950s

VESPA has created a modern-day tribute to its famous 1950s scooter – and it’s packed with gadgets.

The all-new limited edition Sei Giorni is a re-imagined version of the original 1951 Sport Sei Giorni.

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New model is modern recreation of iconic 1950s scooter


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It’s the most technologically-advanced Vespa ever

Just 300 of the original were built with designers initially creating the bike to challenge in the Sei Giorni Internazionale rally.

A total of 10 lined up at the start and Vespa walked away with nine gold medals.

To pay homage to the remarkable bike, Vespa has released this limited edition model which claims to be the most powerful and technologically-advanced Vespa ever.

Based on the Vespa GTS, the Sei Giorni is powered by a Euro4 300cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 21bhp.

The hi-tech Sei Giorni has a USB port inside the glovebox, LED daytime running lights and ABS.

The latest model also features a low-position headlight, burnished windscreen, black numberboards and a seat which appears to be built for a single rider, however has been approved to carry a rear passenger, too.


Just 300 of the original 1951 versions were made


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It’s the most powerful Vespa ever with 300cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 21bhp

The multimedia platform allows your phone to communicate with the scooter, allowing it to display information such as speed, revs and trip information.

No prices have been revealed for the new Vespa yet but it’s expected to top £5,000.

And any surviving models of the originals are worth way more and are highly sought after by collectors.


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Seat is capable of carrying a rear pillion passenger

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