The Public Pulse: Turning Point USA intimidates | Opinion

While I applaud support for free speech on campus (“Students: Speak without fear,” Sept. 1 World-Herald), the problem with Turning Point USA is its intimidating behavior, not its opinions.

Turning Point USA intimidates faculty members it disagrees with by targeting them for disapproval on its website, Professor Watchlist.

When people threaten these professors and university administrators, Turning Point USA does not denounce these threats.

After a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student’s first day of recruiting for Turning Point USA was covered in the press, UNL administrators received many threatening messages and calls for faculty members to be fired. Turning Point has failed to denounce the threats. If students or university employees did this, they would be disciplined.

UNL, the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Creighton University should immediately bar Turning Point USA from their campuses and welcome it back only after it takes down Professor Watchlist and regularly denounces threats made on its behalf.

And, no, the fact that a few people yelled at a Turning Point supporter doesn’t justify Turning Point’s presence on campus. Instead, student activists should exercise free speech by joining organizations that express their views without intimidating opponents.

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