The rocketing role of tech in Australia’s criminal underworld

IT professionals in Australia are becoming an increasingly vital element in the activities of organised crime syndicates, according to a new report by the Federal Government.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission released its Organised Crime in Australia 2017 report on 24 August, revealing that organised crime is costing Australia $36 billion a year.

The report also revealed just how dependent organised crime groups today are on technology in general, and the IT skills associated with it.

“The majority of serious and organised crime activities are enabled, to some extent, by the use of technology,” the report stated. “Technology is attractive to criminals as it can provide anonymity, obfuscate activities and locations, and increase their global reach by connecting them to potential victims and information around the world.

“Using technology to commit crime is also significantly more efficient and less resource intensive than traditional methods of perpetrating crime,” it said.

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