The Tories need a Millennial Manifesto of tax cuts and liberalisation to win the young

Many older people have done rather well in recent years, receiving things like free bus and city transport passes, free TV licences, and winter fuel allowances. They also have a triple lock on pensions, giving them steady income increases over a period in which many other people have seen their real wages stagnate or decline.

Young people have tended to fare less well. Those seeking university education have seen fees escalate. The average graduate starts out with a student debt of over £50,000, and faces interest rate increases that extend their repayment time.

Their chances of becoming home owners have diminished as house prices have risen faster than wages. Rent rises and increased transport costs have hit young people’s ability to save enough for a mortgage deposit. Not surprisingly, many decided at the recent election that the Conservatives were ignoring their concerns.

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