The Tories win when they serve the consumer. From student debt to rail fares, they’re losing the plot

Sometime in early summer, just after the disastrous election and the terrible Grenfell Tower fire, my wife issued an edict: she could no longer cope with the news and we should stop watching it on telly. Newsnight and Question Time were already banned because she said they made me “talk rubbish at bedtime”.

At first, I was concerned we would be overwhelmed by ignorance. For that reason, we still read the newspaper. But to my surprise, our broadcast detox has actually left us advantaged. I think much more like a consumer, more focused on day-today matters, relying on my own experience, reading, word-of-mouth or observation to form a view of what is going on in the world.

We are not alone. Increasing numbers of friends are doing something similar. This may be one reason why politicians and commentators who rely excessively on the likes of social media for their interaction with the world are…

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