‘There are days I don’t eat’ – Student teacher and mum-of-two ‘going without food’ in bid to save deposit

Nadine Mulligan (28) and her two children – one a newborn baby just out of intensive care – is facing losing her rented home. She has been on the housing waiting list in Co Louth for nearly eight years. Her house in Dundalk where she has been living for five years is due to be repossessed.

“I find myself facing homelessness in a matter of weeks,” she said.

Ms Mulligan, who is about to start her final year training as a primary school teacher, said she has now registered as homeless.

Her son Liam, who is just nine weeks old, has a serious health problem. Her older son Jamie-Lee (8) is also waiting for surgery for an abdominal condition. “I am at a loss as to what to do for my family now,” she said.

“It will cost an initial payment of €2,000 or more to move into a house. I am having to save every penny I have, this means there are days I don’t eat,” she said.

A spokesperson for Louth County Council said the average waiting time on the social housing list for the Dundalk area is eight to nine years.

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