This Boxer’s Urine Sample Is Doing The Rounds On Social Media

After a gruelling 12 round fight with Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse, former WBO boxing champion Ruslan Provodnikov took a mandatory urine test after the Russian took quite a beating throughout.

What followed was an Instagram post that shocked the internet.

Provodnikov eventually lost the bout after Matthysse walked away with a majority decision, and you could clearly see that the 33-year-old was in a bad way both during and after the fight.

Here are the brutal highlights of Lucas Matthysse vs Ruslan Provodnikov in New York:

Credit: HBOBoxing

After multiple kidney shots and thumping blows to the body, the Russian’s urine was not your everyday, yellow piss.

You can see Provodnikov’s horrific urine sample in the following Instagram post: “I want to say I’m sorry to all my fans! I lost tonight, and I felt like I could’ve won this fight.

“I almost had him, but the fight happened the way it happened. A lot of respect for Lucas, he was the better fighter tonight. One more fight in my career when I did my doping test I had black urine, the first one was against Tim Bradley. I hope everybody saw what they expected from this fight.”

As you can clearly see, the urine is filled with blood (rhabdomyolysis), showing how brutal and dangerous the art of boxing can be on your body.

To sum up how brutal this bout was, Matthysse broke his right hand in the fight.

Ruslan Provodnikov’s urine sample after his bout with Lucas Matthysse went viral. Image: PA

You can see why former WBO boxing champion Ruslan Provodnikov is nicknamed “The Siberian Rocky in his homeland.

His controversial defeat over Timothy Bradley in 2013 was named “2013 Fight of the Year” by Ring Magazine and the Boxing Writers Association of America, and his record of 25 wins and five losses is certainly impressive.

His last fight was in June, 2016 against John Molina Jr, who defeated the Russian in 12 rounds.

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