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Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic strategist over accusations by a Massachusetts librarian that Dr. Seuss books gifted to her by First Lady Melania Trump had undertones of racism.

Former Georgia state legislator LaDawn Jones (D) said there was more to the librarians objection but entertained the notion that she could’ve perceived Dr. Seuss characters as racist.

Carlson riffed on the notion, saying that since the Cat in the Hat was a “manipulative” animal, it is obviously a show of “bigotry.”

He added that the fact the Cat in the Hat entertained the children while the mother was away was a “damaging stereotype for single parenting.”

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“I’ve been speaking tongue-in-cheek, but this is literally demented,” Carlson said.

Jones said Dr. Seuss, or Theodor S. Geisel, had a history of exaggerating race stereotypes in his drawings of Asians and African-Americans.

She said that he used blackface when drawing political advertisements.

Carlson said that most people in Seuss’ line of work in the mid-20th Century would take shots like that at Imperial Japan.

“Why are you hassling Dr. Seuss?” he asked.

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