Tom Brady to give Josh Jackson a pep talk

If you had money on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady giving a pep talk to Virginia Tech Hokies gunslinger Josh Jackson, you win a lot of money. Also, what in the heck is wrong with you? That would be the weirdest bet ever.

According to a story written by Matt Gentry for the Roanoke Times, that is exactly what is going to happen prior to Jackson taking the field Sunday.

There is a connection here. This isn’t Tom Brady randomly calling Josh Jackson because the former has somehow become a fan of VT football.

Jackson’s father is Fred Jackson. That might not ring a bell, but Fred is a former assistant coach at Michigan. He was on the staff when Brady was playing for the Wolverines. That’s not even a few degrees removed from Kevin Bacon. That’s Christian Slater replacing Kevin Bacon in the Hallow Man movie franchise.

Father Jackson says the future Pro Football Hall of Famer intends to offer some words of encouragement to his son prior to his first college start.

“Tom says he’s going to call him,” Fred said. “And if Tom says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it.”

The Hokies are scheduled to face the West Virginia Mountaineers on Sunday. The game is set to kick at 4:30 Eastern. Josh Jackson’s dad doesn’t seem too worried about his son facing the No. 22 ranked team in the country.

“He’ll be a little nervous when you get in the stadium and stuff like that,” Fred said. “But once he starts, I would be shocked if he didn’t play well. Because he’s going to do what the system asks him to do.

If Josh Jackson plays well, does this now mean Tom Brady gets the credit?

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