Trade talks commence with 22 thai corporations


The trade talk forum at Dharubaage has 22 of Thailand’s corporations seeking local investors and corporations to link business ties with. | Photo: Ahmed Shurau Avas

Trade talk forum between local entrepreneurs and Thailand businesses has commenced at Dharubaaruge.

The third forum of its kind, with 22 corporations from Thailand participating in the event, local businessmen and corporations will be able to seek sound business ties and corporate expansion through the talk forum. The Thai delegation consists of corporations under the country’s Business Council and Commerce Ministry.

Speaking about the forum, Managing Director of Business Center Corporation (BCC) Ahmed Munthaz noted the aim of it is to strengthen trade bond between Maldivian corporations and Thailand’s ventures – given the country is listed as a prime exporter to Maldives.

BCC’s MD pointed out the forums will be participated by new ventures each year.

Thailand’s ventures taking part in the trade forum includes food and beverage companies, building or construction material manufacturers and air conditioner related corporations among other businesses.

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