Trump Signs Order Banning Transgender Recruitment In The Military

On Friday afternoon, President Trump signed an order banning transgender military recruitment and ordering the Department of Defense not to provide medical treatment to transgender service members who are already enlisted, CNN reports. The memorandum in question effectively bans transgender Americans from enlisting in the military, though according to the New York Times, the policy won’t be implemented for another six months.

In addition to the military itself, Trump’s order will also apply to the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard, the Times reports.

Although the memo in question will ban transgender Americans from enlisting in the military, it’s unclear to what extent it will affect transgender folks who are already serving. According to the Times, the memo directs Defense Secretary James Mattis to come up with a plan for dealing with transgender service members, and gives him wide latitude to do so.

Trump first announced the idea of banning transgender persons from the military on Twitter in late July. The announcement reportedly took many officials by surprise — including Mattis, who reportedly only knew that the decision had been made one day prior. At the time, Trump offered no details regarding the plan, writing only:

More to come…

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