Turnbull Slams South Australian Energy Plan

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has lashed out at South Australia’s bold energy plan, labelling it an experiment that illustrates “ideology and idiocy”.

Speaking on Saturday, Turnbull told the annual meeting of the SA Liberal Party the state Labor plan was based on dogma and poorly considered.

“Idiocy is just as important as ideology,” Turnbull told party faithful in Adelaide.

“What we are doing is not buying a battery at huge expense that would be helpful if you are 100 megawatts short for an hour, but not very helpful if you are, say 150 megawatt short for one hour, or two hours.

“What we are doing is putting in place the largest storage, pumped hydro storage in the Southern Hemisphere, Snowy Hydro 2.0”.

He said South Australians were subject to “an experiment” under Premier Jay Weatherill.

“People really should conduct these experiments, as dangerous as that, privately somewhere in expert company rather than inflicting it on an entire state.”

Under the SA Government’s $550 million plan, the state will witness the build of the world’s largest battery to store renewable energy. The government will also roll out incentives to boost gas-fired power generation and install two more state owned generators.

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