Two area restaurants hit with consumer alerts

Consumer alerts were posted at Italian Village Pizza in Hazelwood and Leon’s Caribbean Restaurant on Mount Washington for numerous health code violations, according to the Allegheny County Health Department.

At Village Pizza on Second Avenue, some of the problems included roaches in food preparation and storage areas, mouse droppings, numerous foods being held at unsafe temperatures and lack of a certified food safety manager.

The operator of the shop couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Leon’s on E. Warrington Avenue was cited for holding foods in the refrigerator and on steam tables at unsafe temperatures, flies in the facility and lack of a food safety manager, among other problems.

The owner, Leon Rose, Monday said he fixed the problems and was waiting for a reinspection.

Inspection reports for food facilities in the county are available online at

Patricia Sabatini:; 412-263-3066.

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