UD’s $60,000 NSF grant will fund an innovative partnership with DSU

The University of Delaware launched its hugely successful Horn Program in Entrepreneurship program five years ago next month, and the school received a pretty awesome anniversary present: a $60,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to help spread innovation across Delaware.

Specifically, UD will partner with Delaware State University to develop DSU’s entrepreneurship education programs, as well as promote innovation and entrepreneurship at both universities.

“The partnership will help DSU get its technology and commercialization procedures and practices in place as well as bring teams from DSU into our I-Corps Sites Program,” said Horn Director of Commercialization Programs Christina Pellicane.

The UD/DSU partnership promotes diversity on a couple of fronts: DSU is a Historically Black College (HBCU), and it’s in Dover, which is known more for its Air Force base, NASCAR speedway and poultry farms than innovative startups (though that’s starting to change).

“[The partnership] will help our program attract and retain diverse entrepreneurs,” said Pellicane. “If we create an inclusive environment rather than just a diverse environment, it will hopefully allow for greater entrepreneurial success for all of our innovators in the future. The facts show, diverse startup teams simply do better.”

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