UK estate agent publishes bizarre map showing safest places to live outside of ‘nuclear impact zone’

A UK estate agent has released a bizarre map which claims to show the only safe places to live if global nuclear war breaks out.

Although Britain is currently out of the range of North Korean missiles, eMoov has revealed  the blast radius of a nuclear strike on 20 major British cities in case tensions do escalate.

Skegness, Weymouth and Margate appear to be among the only safe places to buy a property if you fear for the Earth’s impending doom.

EMoov claims a nuclear strike on London will wipe out most of the commuter belt including Surrey and Essex, as well as towns such as Reading and Romford.

Mapped: the safe places to buy property if you fear nuclear war (

The only commutable towns which should be safe from a nuclear attack on London are in the farthest reaches of Kent and Essex.

The average house price in Margate is £216,134, compared to £209,645 in Clacton-on-Sea.

Elsewhere in the country, Carlisle, Lancaster and northern Wales offer good value homes safe from nuclear destruction, according to eMoov.

Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk, said: “Luckily, we’re out of range from any North Korean missiles, but if the world was to descend into nuclear madness the fall out would mean house prices would probably become irrelevant.

“That said, with buyer demand already at explosive levels compared to the ground zero stock levels available, a nuclear war could see these more affordable areas grow in value as demand for a house still standing outside of an impact zone increases.”

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