UK Trade Secretary accuses BBC of ‘biased’ Brexit coverage – POLITICO


If there is any bias in BBC it is rather pro-Brexit, just like almost all other UK press

Posted on 7/23/17 | 5:16 PM CEST

Europe is peace and love

fox opinion is biased.
fox live is a cloud cuckook land.

Posted on 7/23/17 | 7:01 PM CEST

Europe is peace and love

the is no positive news

Posted on 7/23/17 | 7:02 PM CEST


@’europe war is peace

‘there is no good news’

above article: ‘Fox, who is currently in Washington for talks about a post-Brexit trade deal…’

You poor thing don’t undertsand what you are really reading? The USA is one third bigger than EU and NAFTA is double the size of the EU economy. The EU is easily replaced really. APEC is enormous with 59% of global GDP.

The EU is not the centre of the world. The EU is a mini-me copy of the International trade organisations etc that exist for the other 169 countries not in the EU.

Other things not on the BBC: The Eurozone via Greece is to have an IMF bailout, as EU cannot afford it; Japan has agreed to a UK-Japan trade deal as BoJo is in Japan. Chinese minister says UK will have ‘no problem’ getting trade deals outside EU. USA talks have now started for a trade deal. Australia confirms talks for a trade deal. Canada and Australia advise UK to join their trading blocks: NAFTA and TPP. India has confirmed talks for a trade deal. Dutch fishermen say they ‘have NO fish’ whatsoever to sell in the EU, without access UK waters (the gulf stream does not come as far as the EU apparantly). French Minister says the same about french fishermen being decimated and no fish in the EU from the gulf stream. UK ask for an impartial International observer from the UN to oversee negotiations, as UK now the EU will tell lies and frustrate the process deliberately to make it look like leaving is difficult, when in reality, it is not; EU say no way. Various UK ministers and some EU one’s confirm, that a trade deal with EU should be easily sorted in about a day, due to harmonisation already full, but will not happen as EU cannot make it seem like it is easy to leave the EU. Liam Fox visits the WTO, gives speech, confirms we are members and WTO scheduling will be a joint application with the EU: EU confirms this.

Cheerio now.

Posted on 7/23/17 | 9:09 PM CEST


*That’s just THIS week. Didn’t want to bore you.

Posted on 7/23/17 | 9:10 PM CEST


BBC have shown bias unfortunately, many working there seem to have the same view that EU is responsible for all economic growth in last 40 years and for peace in our time.

It might be the is bbc so blinkered they are not even aware of presenting news items in this way, although it is so predictable I doubt it.

BBC did not often challenge ‘remainers’ dire economic outlook pre brexit vote. When hard data became available, showing the UK was not hitting the buffers, their output changed to ‘well maybe not pain today but pain tomorrow’ and this mindset is still colouring output today.

There is apparently no desire at bbc to look beyond the next few years and assess UK position in 10/20 yrs from now, when many analysts have demonstrated UK could be in a strong position even without full membership of EU.

Many brexit supporters are aware EU exit will not be plain sailing but there seems to be no attempt to look at anything other than risks and generate a sense of foreboding at the BBC.

Given how much confidence is seen to affect the economy it is a significant risk to doggedly pursue this behaviour and could have a bigger impact on UK than any brexit deal, good or bad.

Fortunately, looking at a lot of the economic indicators, it seems many have just turned bbc news output off.

Posted on 7/23/17 | 9:12 PM CEST


* In wider news, Adele beat Beyonce to a Grammy and sung a George Michael Hit badly, J K Rowling is still the highest paid author but is adding playwright to her accomplishments and just today Christopher Froome OBE is set to win the Tour de France for the fourth time.

But hey nobody has ever heard of Britain outside of the EU. There is no life outside the EU is there? It’s a big scary international world out there! What will we do with ourselves? We’re terrified of it, it’s so big!!!!!!!!

Posted on 7/23/17 | 9:33 PM CEST


what positive news?

Posted on 7/23/17 | 10:20 PM CEST

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