UK woman ‘raped by three men’ on Magaluf beach

Police are searching for three men after a Scottish woman reported that she had been raped on a beach in Majorca.

The 19-year-old said she was attacked near Punta Ballena, in Magaluf, on Friday night.

Local media reports say the woman went to the beach with a man she knew and that he was then joined by two friends.

She was found without her clothes and crying in distress, and reportedly gave police a picture of one of the attackers which she had on her mobile phone, the Scottish Daily Record says.

She said she had called out during the attack but no one came to help her.

The Civil Guard is investigating.

Scottish media says DNA tests are being carried out on the victim’s clothes, and although the men have not been identified, they are thought to be British.

It is not clear whether the woman was on holiday in Majorca or working there.

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