Union to brief media on 10111 call centre strike

Johannesburg – Police union SAPU is expected to address the media on Thursday afternoon about the countrywide 10111 call centre workers’ strike.

An estimated 5000 operators, represented by the SA Policing Union, want the SAPS to increase their salary level by two notches, an estimated increase of R50 000 per annum. They began striking on Tuesday.

They are employed under the Public Service Act and are thus not considered an essential service.

SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Sally de Beer said on Tuesday that police officers would be at 10111 centres to answer calls.

“We have a constitutional imperative to provide emergency services to the public and we have made plans to ensure we continue doing our duty,” she said.

SAPU general secretary Oscar Skommere said the public should direct their frustration with the strike at SAPS management and not at the operators.

“We have been negotiating with SAPS for years. We submitted our memorandum of demands two weeks ago and they initially agreed, but soon changed their minds for no reason,” he claimed.

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