Update on LSU’s recruitment of QB’s Justin Rogers and Justin Fields

LSU put an emphasis on signing a quarterback for the 2018 class, and two of the best are in its sights.

The Tigers were not believed to be a legitimate threat for either Justin Rogers or Justin Fields, but things changed quickly in recent weeks. LSU made significant headway with both quarterbacks, and this is where things stand.

Justin Rogers committed to TCU on May 31, and the conversations between the two sides basically ceased at that point. Initially. The lines of communication have opened once again in the past few weeks, with the LSU staff’s concern regarding Rogers’ recent knee injury and rehab rekindling things a bit.

Rogers remains committed to TCU, but it certainly feels like the momentum is in LSU’s corner. Rogers was considering making a visit prior to his injury a few weeks ago, and the belief is that one could transpire soon, following further rehab from the reconstructive knee surgery he recently endured.

North Carolina seemed to be a large threat for Rogers, but those talks seem to have died down a bit. As of now, it is a two-team race between LSU and TCU, with many people involved in the situation believing LSU may be the most likely destination for Rogers, despite his verbal pledge with the Horned Frogs.

As for Fields, well, things do not seem as promising. There is conflicting information being spread between the back channels regarding his recruitment. One trusted source with access to the Fields’ camp believes FSU is the clear leader, with Georgia fading in the No. 2 spot, and LSU basically being an afterthought. This would fall in line with a source at LSU, who felt as though the Fields’ visit went well, but the signs that they surged to the front of his list were not there to create the confidence a lead program usually exudes.

LSU continues to press with Fields, and it certainly had an impact, but it feels as if the Tigers are still trailing Georgia and Florida State, despite, presenting the best opportunity to get on the field early in his career.

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