Upwire sets up in USA

CEO and Co-founder of Communications workflow platform Upwire, Ben Brophy.

Sydney-based communication system builder Upwire has opened a US office, coinciding with the official launch of its ‘drag and drag’ proprietary platform.

Upwire co-founder Ben Brophy said the start-up’s vision was to offer a full-featured, drag ‘n’ drop, easy-to-use platform for cloud communications.

“We want to do what CampaignMonitor did for email marketing and what Canva has done for graphic design,” he told The Australian.

“Business communications are typically complex to set up and requires several integrations and specialist IT capabilities. Upwire lets you set up simple or complex communication workflows without specialist IT skills.”

Mr Brophy said Upwire will also launch its US office in the coming weeks, to better cater to existing US customers and channel partners, and capitalise on significant customer demand in the region.

Based in San Francisco, the office will launch with eight staff across account management, tech support and a local general manager to lead the team.

“We’re looking to 500 per cent revenue growth in the next 12 months, largely through US demand,” Mr Brophy said.

“There are no set up costs or monthly subscription fees, it is purely usage based.:

Mr Brophy said Upwire runs on a self-service, usage based business model, with charges per SMS or email sent (a few cents or fractions of a cent), or per second of voice call.

“Depending on the use case we can save businesses millions a quartr,” he said. “We have saved one customer $4 million in six months.

“Communication between businesses and customers is transforming due to advances in tech. Informed, tech savvy consumers are demanding conversational engagement with businesses — not one-way communications at customers.

“Communications will also be initiated by customers at any time. For example, customers will be able to proactively text their bank to inquire about a loan status, be authenticated via non-intrusive means (voice biometrics), and engage a truly helpful bot to get them to their answer quicker.

“What we build today, is obsolete tomorrow, so you need to be able to continually evolve with your customer.”

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