USA now top destination for Brits on the move (From Dudley News)

AMERICA was the most popular country Britons moved to last year, according to a Royal Mail study of redirected post.

The USA came top of the list after Royal Mail analysed more than 20,000 international redirection applications from the last 12 months.

Nearly a fifth of all redirected mail went to the US, with a sixth travelling to France, 10 per cent to Australia, 8 per cent to Spain and 6 per cent to the Republic of Ireland.

Jim Conning, managing director of Data Services at Royal Mail, said: “According to the latest ONS figures, more than 323,000 people left the UK last year to set up home abroad. It is clear that as a nation we are happy to pack our bags and move abroad.

“Making sure your mail comes with you may be a small part of the to-do list but it can be one of the most important, especially if you want your personal details to arrive safely at your new home.“

Senegal (0.03 per cent), Andorra (0.02 per cent) and Corsica (0.01 per cent) also featured in the study.

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